Monday, May 19, 2008

Timing Issue

Awwww ! summer holidays is almost done and am already feeling my adrenaline rush thinking of adi dashing to school in the early hours of the day. Until last year I was stress-free with Adi leaving to school only by 9 A. M. There was enough time for him to have a leisure breakfast. But this year he has to leave home by 7.30 AM and I am anxious about my wake up time and his breakfast issues. Adi has been an early bird until now and I the lazy bum don’t have problems in my wake up time but can’t get myself to get off the comfort of my bed. My thinking process is in progress as to “will it make a difference if I get up by 5.30 or 6 given that half an hour of sleep really makes a difference to lazy bums like me. Will ajith wake up by then so I can plunk half the burden on him, like feeding him just incase adi gets lazy in front of food. “Years back (during our courtship, ajith had claimed that he is an organized man, early bird etc etc and there is no place for a lazy bum like me in his life (that is if I prefer to be stubborn) and so I need to change incase I have get along with him. I am sure that sounded a bit rude but not bad although thinking positively. But now the organized man has been transformed into “me” and I have taken the opposite direction-thanks to my kids, not him since it din’t take long for me to change him. After I got into the parenting role, a straight 8 hr sleep has become a dream come true and yeah I miss it even more now in view of adi’s school timing. The saying that goes “everything happens for good “ is true in my case. Atleast my body clock wakes me exactly at 6 A.M, since Atul needs to be fed at that time. The arrangement so far was that I drag myself out to prepare atul’s milk at 6 A.M and slump back as soon as he has gulped that down. Now slumping back will not work and I just have to make up my mind to drag myself to the kitchen .A hot cup of tea may HELP!!!!


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