Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Orange Belt

Hoping karate sir is oblivious of the concept of internet as the content in this post may rub him the wrong way and in-case he reads this post, all of you guys can come for my funeral.
I can now proudly say that I got my son an orange belt for just Rs300 precisely like I bought him a yellow belt six months back and so did the others. Poor Adi, didn’t have to practice his kattas to earn it whilst I could easily buy it for him. That’s right folks, the man will just throw away belts of any color for a nominal charge and all that you got to do is attend his karate rather komedy class for an hour twice a week and your son gets back home swearing at you in case you are a day late in paying up the monthly fees. You are lucky if he doesn’t use those kicks his sir taught just for essentials, like using it on you to pay up the fees on time. Maybe I was mistaken when I contemplated that my son may learn some discipline, by attending the class and here I am the one getting disciplined in the area of paying up fees on time. It doesn’t matter if you are not upto the mark in the craft. All that matters is you pay his fees on time or else you can see two sets of dark pupils staring at you at your door step every month end, giving you the whitest smile ever from a dark background (visualize the ghost in the graveyard). That’s our karate sir for you. The man the myth the legend!!
P.S The man was particular that he be photographed while giving the belt as that gives him a sense of accomplishment. In case the charge in the mobile gets over and you excuse yourself from shooting, he is ready to wait until the mobile gets charged to hand over the belt. I call that dedication to the noble craft!!!

Wish both the masters smiled in the below picture. We could have atleast got to see their teeth

Monday, August 3, 2009

Atul in a nutshell

This project has been on my pending tasks for a while now and it took me four straight hours to get it together. The hard work did pay off and I am sooo happy with the results. The background song is Celine Dion's "Precious one". Aditya got sentimental after he watched the video!! I am dedicating it to Atul :)