Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moving :)

Newsflash: We are moving to our new home, a 3 Bedroom flat within the same complex in a couple of months and this means more breathing space, being within the comfort zone, same friends and a very happy Adi. But yeah! Am going to miss my cozy 2 bedroom home where 8 years of my life seem to have gone by in a flash.
Taking a trip down the memory lane reminds me of how exited I was 9 years back when Ajith booked the 2 bedroom flat in CG . I was pregnant with Adi and we were living with my parents for a while as we had just returned from US for good. Ajith rejoined SAP after our return and it was a fresh beginning for us. The plan was to move after Adi was a year old and I remember celebrating Adi's first birthday a month after moving into the apartment. It was a rough start initially as our area was kind off secluded and construction of the second phase was just beginning and that meant more dust. Adi kept falling ill during the first three years because of the polluted air but got immune to it after a while. There were very few stores around then and to get essential things on a daily basis was a challenge. I was lucky enough to find a store that delivered grocery at our door step. But there was no stopping after that. Within a year of our stay here, super malls and software hubs became our neighbors and now this area is one of the most sought after spots in Bangalore. Four years later Atul joined us and our little family was happier than ever. Although it was heartbreaking to discover Atul's disability, this home helped me see the beauty of the innocent face that smiles up at me everyday, wiping away the minutest stress I feel. Many an afternoon was spent with the three of us lying lazily on the bed, me and Adi on either side of Atul, showering a thousand kisses. Well, that'll continue as long as we have a bed :).Each day Atul keeps me company as the other two leave to their respective destination and I cant imagine life otherwise. It’s like he is a part of me that cannot be de-tached.
Also, am going to miss the play area view from my balcony as it was fun to watch little kids play, fight, laugh, and cry all at the same time. Besides it was so easy for me to monitor Adi from here when he was little. He was a shout away incase he got into trouble.
This home saw me through a lot of emotions, joy, sadness, arguments, tears, excitement, anxiety and what life without this. It saw me through my kid’s infant hood which is the most important part of their life. I can still visualize 2 year old Adi shooting his way on a toy car all round the place, I can see him hiding in a little green basket which held his tiny nappies, I can see him trying to reach the kitchen counter in an effort to touch the forbidden items, I can see the little man trying to carry a big plastic doll double his size and tripping over it. I can see him running aimlessly and landing on his face on the hard marble floor. GOD! Thank you for all these moments in this sweet home. This home will have a very special place in my heart as the most adorable period of my kids life was spent here. Few months from now, I will carry these emotions to a new home and I am sure it’ll be special in its own way. With new hope and aspirations, I am looking forward to my life in the new home which has two balconies facing the pool. That sure is going to interest Ajith ;)