Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shopping spree

Having spent close to 6 hours at a stretch, shopping at Bangalore central all by myself for two consecutive days has been a pleasurable experience. Shopping on the second day at the same place was not insanity but inevitability for the reason that blunders need to be corrected. Half the apparels, I purchased the day before had to be exchanged. Thanks to Ajith for willing to baby-sit the kids for the whole day which gave me ample time to spend hours in the trial room without having him around to hurry me up which has been the case otherwise. This is not the first time I have been out shopping on my own, and each time I have been back with a bill that can electrify Ajith. This time I was impressed with myself for having been able to strike some good discount owing to rational shopping but that didn’t let Ajith get carried away. The bill was still a smash!! Hmmm looks like I can never please him in this matter and I am not trying anymore hehe.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Adi’s first wishlist to Santa

Merry Christmas to all!

Adi believes that Santa exists despite my frequent effort of trying to prove that there is no such person as Santa. However he came up with his wish list yesterday which goes like this...

My Christmas List of Gifts

1. Bakugan battle brawlers-ALL (WHAT IS THIS!!!)

2. Ben ten Toy omnitrix (God I didn’t know he was this technical)

3. Power rangers toy-all (I am sick of companies that make these toys only to get our kids throw a tantrum and blackmail us into buying a tiny one for big bucks)

4. Eon Kid Wrist (He has two already)

5. Mechanic – BIG (he messed the previous one and the screws are spread around waiting to be picked)

6. Hot Wheels – Tric Trac ( The ones at home have collected dust)

7. Baby’s Feeding Bowl - 10 bowls (He was feeling guilty that he didn’t order for his little brother until now and this was what he came up with – good brother hehe)

8. Mad Origami and craft (He has 5 of ‘em - all return gifts)

9. Power Rangers toy sword ( Never even try to get this stuff close to my home after that incident of chasing some girl with this sword he got from his friend)

10. Bakugan battle brawlers shooters (Hmmm...)

11. A PET RABBIT (I like that)

Ok Santa - Do me a favour if you truly exist. Don’t visit here...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hooked On

I have been on a novel reading spree for a while now. The other day we went out for dinner to MG road and before getting into one of the restaurant, we did a wee-bit of window shopping. I stumbled upon a book store which happened to sell second –hand books and spotted one of robin cook’s novels. During my college days, I was a novel freak and a big fan of Robin cook , Sidney Sheldon, Mills and boons(in my teens ofcourse) and the likes. However after marriage, this hobby was on lowest priority and didn’t get much attention especially after kids. Looks like the visit to the book shop managed to hook me back to my favorite pastime and this time I picked Robin Cook’s Vector. Considering that I love fictions, this book managed to capture my attention for two days at a stretch. But I wish R-Cook could manage without our hero Jack Stapleton and come up with a new character next time. His fiction always revolves around Doc jack and his intuitions.
Lemme give you a jist of the novel :
The book is about a war in which there are no guns, no bullets, no cannons, no weapons that you can see. (Now don’t visualize Mahatma Gandhi and Ahimsa in this novel). In its place the weapon is the air you breathe and you drop down like a dead fly for no apparent reason at all. We are talking about biological weapons and that’s what this book is all about. Jason Papparis , a Turkish carpet dealer dies mysteriously in the hospital’s emergency room after severe bouts of coughing. None knows the reason except Dr. Jack Stapleton a medical examiner who stumbles upon it just by a hunch. It is anthrax and is being prepared by a disgruntled Russian taxi driver who is disappointed by America and wants revenge. As he was working in a Biological weapons factory in Russia, he possesses the technical know-how to make such weapons even in his rat-hole basement. Along with the People’s Aryan Army which is an occult skinhead group he plans to kill thousands of Americans by releasing the deadly agent into the ventilation system of the Jacob Javits Building which is the largest FBI headquarters outside Washington D.C.
The only one who is on their trail is Dr. Jack Stapleton and his colleague Dr. Laurie Montgomery. Apart from their daily official crisis’s and turbulence in their private life they work together tirelessly to fight this unknown enemy.

After this book I read, Sidney Sheldon’s “Tell me your Dreams”. That was a rocking novel and now I am into Robin-cook’s contagion.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Classical Music and Me…

… don’t get along. But I seem to have caught the music fever. What the hell, I am giving it a try and that way I give myself a chance to prove me wrong What if I have an hidden talent and at this thought, I laugh my ass off . My first class has been a disaster since I didn’t understand a word of what the man was saying. It involved a lot of music literature and it took me two days of browsing to comprehend the difficult words in adi’s terms. I was a bit more relaxed in my second class and this time the greek and latin made some sense. Thanks to my home work. Infact my intention was to give Adi company and make it easier for him just in case he needs practice. However Adi seems to get restless given that he can never sit still for more than 10 minutes although he picks on the music. Now that is a problem that I need to work on. Making him sit still for an hour would be like trying to get a monkey sit still for an hour. Any suggestions would help!!!!

BTW for the pro am on sarali varisai (lesson 3)
raagam: maayamaaLava gowLa
15th mElakartha
taaLam: aadi

For the illiterates ROLFMAO!!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Media choosing to be ignorant ….

Following a chain of politician bad booking which I consent to, Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan is just another man in the bad book of Indians since he happened to pass an insensitive statement in response to the behavior of the martyr’s father. Somehow I am not able to comply with the other Indians in this matter as I understand the language spoken by the martyr father. To those who are not aware, the fact is that the martyr’s father called the CM a dog in the first place and since media is sensationalizing only the statement of the CM who said that not even a dog would visit their place if it was not for the martyr.
The Chief Minister was stupid enough to make such a statement in a delicate situation as this but the martyr’s father calling the premier representative of a state a dog was also equally unfair regardless of the kind of situation he was in. If he was unhappy about politicians visiting his home, he could have reacted politely instead of resorting to cheap words. In this case media is assuming a lot of things without understanding or choosing to be ignorant only for gaining some media mileage, by taking advantage of the situation. We Indians tend to overdo our sentiments by getting carried away with what the media thinks without doing our homework. This being a typical situation where a martyr’s father calls CM a dog in front of a large crowd just because he didn’t approve his presence there justifies the CM’s reaction