Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The comprehension passage

Adi's monthly tests have been going on and to get him to sit down and practice his lessons was a taxing task. To find ways of gaining his interest was my primary aim and one such opportunity chanced upon me yesterday. It happened to be his English test today and English has always been easy for him. He tends to get bored easily if I try to overdo it. I wanted him to get used to reading a comprehension passage and answer questions regarding it. It was a Sunday night and we had ordered food from outside. All of us had a sumptuous dinner and were sprawled across the couch while an idea struck me. I asked Adi to write a comprehension passage on the dinner we had. The output was stunning. Here it goes...

Ajith orderd food from spice and curry restorent. The menu he orderd was 4 items. The four items were chily chiken, fried rice, soup and fried chiken. After sometime the delavery boy delaverd the food at our door. Ajith unpacked the food. We ate the starter and then dinner.

My mother drank mirinda and my father drank some dowels.

Pardon Adi's spellings. The last line must have kept you guessing about the dowels drink. For men the answer is a cake walk and for Adi it's still a mystery!

Monday, July 28, 2008


I have been watching CNBC from the time Bangalore blasts occurred closely followed by Ahmedabad. But the latter was not as lucky as Bangalore in terms of death toll and the nastiest being the blast in a hospital in Ahmedabad as I could not stomach the sight of the little boy with a burnt back crying out in pain while his brother was just about dying in the next bed unaware of the fact that their father has by now said goodbye to them and the world. Thanks to the psychic people who masterminded the blast for whatever the motive, I pray they suffer big time in hell. The dirty politicians here seem to take advantage of the situation by trying to politicize the event. Like Kiran Majumdhar pointed it’s about time Indian intelligence use technology efficiently to track these antisocial elements. If I were a judge, I would have penalized these people by placing a bomb in their A**.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Careless doctors !

I had done a post on this topic earlier. To add to that I found this news which has shocked me

In 1997, his two-year-old son fell into a bucket of lime wash, burned his left eye and was rushed to a private hospital for surgery. The doctors operated the healthy right eye and botched things up further when the oxygen cylinder finished midway through the surgery. His son not just lost his vision but also suffered brain damage. Continue reading...

Another one...
Hi, My name is Nivedita Bhandari and I am 29 years old. I had a serious car accident 4.5 years back when I went into coma for 3 months. When I came out of coma, my knees could not bend at all. The doctors had inserted rods in both my thighs but those lead to a slow infection which spread through my thighs and hips.Continue reading...

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Every so often I seem to get angry with Adi for no fault of his and I yell non-stop at him though the voice inside me keeps reminding me to stop. For instant, today I saw this fat kid chasing Adi for no reason and the situation got completely out of control with the boy pushing Adi as he fell hard on the tough facade and the boy landed right on top of him with Adi’s finger getting jammed due to the impact. I could do nothing to stop the boy since he was too fast for me. My instinct was to shake the boy hard and tell him that he cannot scare others by chasing them just for the fun of it which seem to be an easy task for many when it comes to defending their own kids. But all I did was to drag Adi home and discharge my anger, helplessness and frustration on the poor soul for not being able to take care of himself. After I was done, a sense of guilt engulfed me when I realized that Adi had not uttered a single word of defense. Fault has always been mine, since I lack self control and the art of defending my son. Well! I am not here trying to prove that Adi is an effigy of politeness since he does receive more than his share of yelling for his naughtiness but most of the time I feel sad when I realize that he may have never started it in the first place but by then damage has been done. Poor Adi with a blue finger 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dinner at D’s Domicile

People have always been finding excuses to get home early from work and this time the excuse was a blast. Yes! Serial blasts in Bangalore have proved that the city is no longer safe and people have to be cautious which is not viable. Adi managed to shock me when he saw me panicking for not having been able to reach A on his mobile by saying ”Gone case! I guess you have to marry someone else now”!!! However the only plus of the blast being that it was a Friday and people are in a mood to party, but the rains put off outdoor partying and hence many suffice by partying at home. So, was our case when SK called A to check if we had other plans? Well! That was a promising call and A checked with SK if we could potluck.

What started off as a two family get-together ended up in a three family fun with P and Di joining in. The kids as usual had their fun by constantly drawing our attention with each one trying to outdo the other in the game of “Who is worse”. The men vanished amidst the chaos only to return with wine bottles. Laughter poured in when the six of us sat around D’s dining table draining down the wine and listening to the witty narrations of two men (SK and Di) who went to Sabarimala only to revive the experience of their bachelor days and poor ‘A’ feeling bad that he missed the chance (cursing himself for claiming to be an atheist). SK the car fanatic made the most when A hinted that he was planning for a change in passion (car). His options for us came down to a stage where we may be driven to poverty with a classy car in a slum. The other gender could not budge away from the preferred topic of “whose maid is the worst” and nobody won.

The grand finale was D scrubbing all the soiled plates in a record breaking time with a strong belief that her maid may not turn up the next day owing to her prior incidents. Nevertheless it was fun. Thanks to SK and D for hosting it, thanks to the blasts and thanks to P and Di who joined in to make it livelier! And I feel sorry for S and B for having missed it!! I am sure anonymous will be available for comments :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kids say the darnest things!

The spontaneous statements that kids innocently blurt out can be very funny sometimes. I will list a few here from what I got to hear from Adi and his friends.

To begin with Adi’s (6 year old) latest:

Arranged marriage v/s Love marriage

Adi: At what age did dad get married?
Me: 29
Adi: You?
Me: 24
Adi: So shouldn’t I be marrying at 29?
Me: Ahem! Yeah
Adi: So where is my girl now?
Me: (Getting a bit uncomfortable now) I guess she is not born yet or may be she is one or two years old. And you may never know her until you are 29. So don’t waste your time thinking about that right now.
Adi: Are you saying that I should get married to someone I don’t know. Never! I will find on my own.
Me: (Open-mouthed and suddenly thought of the perennial arranged marriage v/s love marriage topic)

Shikar rocks!

Adi’s school organizes a lot of competitions right through the year. They have an option of participating in these events. Adi’s friend Shikar (6 year old) is in the same grade and school as Adi’s. There are couple of others kids in our apt who are also from the same school and grade. Whenever there is a competition these kids ask each other if they are in or out. They got used to the word "participating"!!! Not participating became the Hip thing and one day...

Shilpa (Shikar’s mom): Stop wasting your time and study for your test which is coming up next week.
Shikar: I am not participating
Shilpa: (bolt out of the blue)

Gayatri’s super-hit dialogue when she was 5

Bindu (Gayatri’s mom): We cannot go for your haircut today as there is a bandh (general strike)
Gayatri: What is the bandh for?
Bindu: Because Dr. Rajkumar died…
Gayatri; Oh! Was he supposed to cut my hair?


Adi when he was 4...

Adi: Mamma, why did they name our apartment Gopalan Enterprises? Is it because if we enter here we get some prizes or something??

Adi has so many friends in this community that everyday I get to hear some good humor. I will come back with more of their jokes in the next edition...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My longing

...of learning dance has finally materialized. Last Saturday was my first shot at it and my attempt was pretty decent. The dance trainer is a pep young lady with neat build, which in itself was a motivation for ladies who have blown out of proportion. However she dared call us aunties and I snapped back saying that we will ditch the class if she persisted in calling us that grrrr... Hey, we are no AUNTIES! We are 30–35 year old, young, vibrant ladies who are willing to give jazz a shot before the trainer strikes us with the word "grandma". She did admit that we rocked after our first round of Jazz steps though couple of them trained in classical dance had trouble figuring out the difference between bharatnatyam and jazz. Well, the combination was hilarious. To keep our spirits up, the trainer devised a plan for us. First would be to tone our bodies, which did enthuse many of us visualizing in our teen stature. This did prove the fact that, however old one may get we definitely want to stay young and the trainer played with the right card. Good start, huh? The second plan was to sprinkle our bodies with some grace, which can be achieved by rotating our hips (not tummy as most of us have buried our hip under the tummy). Now the trainer is faced with some real challenge ahead. If she succeeds, I will give you all her email ID.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

20 girls brooch for 2 guys on MTV Splitsville

"All’s fair in love and war" and Splitsville on MTV tries to prove that in the most disgusting, degrading, shameful, cheap way by getting the girls to go all the way to grab the attention of two absolutely hopeless, worthless men who are given the power to vote them out in case the ladies fail to please them. How demeaning for the ladies to do that for a prize (5 lac) that may not last even a few years considering the chunk of expense needed to up-keep themselves. Why suffer public humiliation at the cost of getting mortified.

The guys play their part by sparing no effort in humiliating these ladies at the drop of a hat. One episode was adequate to put off my day considering the fact that 5 lacs is too cheap to sell one’s self respect.

The episode that I watched

Introduction of the girl: I am xyz, My vital stats are x-x-x!!!
My sex appeal lies in my xy! I will win this 5 lakhs.

Like MTV puts it "We are going to be lucky witnesses to some unbelievable drama, treachery, sabotage, cat-fights, politics, back-stabbing, bitching and scheming. Watch the girls undergo stress, fear, exhaustion, and depression. Watch them try to outdo each other with their womanly wiles (flaunt their stuff and how!) as the two lucky guys sit back and enjoy the show."

Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhh... too much to handle. I would happily murder the ladies for this.

Actually this show is meant to find true love, but I guess they may end up finding a good politician. Reality shows in India have definitely managed to play with people’s emotions and feelings by creating unhealthy competition. The fear of getting voted out takes a toll on their personal health too. It also poses a question as to what kind of people are suited for these kind of shows. Never can an anxious person who is emotionally vulnerable participate, nor can a less intelligent person take part since he/she can find themself in a difficult situation not knowing how to deal with it.