Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hopping jobs

NEWS : The maid who nurtured the neighbor’s kid for a period of six months or so is now fostering another kid in the same block as recession seems to have affected her greed for lofty wages.

I would watch this maid feeding, playing and chirping away with kid -1 like it was her own baby. Looks like she got fired for the above reason couple of days back, but luckily she found herself another job in the same floor the very next day. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw her feeding Kid-2 like she was his mother, while Kid 1 walks past her with his new caretaker and he smiles at her innocently and runs to her by instinct .Guess! What the maid did? She ignored him and stared at the new caretaker like an experienced professional looks at an apprentice!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the republic day

…Was a huge hit. I was energized when Radhika brought up the idea during our routine morning walk. The outline was thrilling but making it happen was another ball game all together. However our gang of friend enthusiasts was equally excited when they heard about the plan and slowly it began to flourish. Together we came up with a list of sport activities followed by food stalls, fun fare and camel ride. Promising entries for food stalls and fun fare came in. As the day loomed, excitement began to peak.
Linda, Jyothi and Myself decided to put up a dabha while my hubby and Rajesh decided on a non-veg stall. Linda’s idea of us getting dressed as Punjabi men was exciting and enterprising. We spent the previous night at jyothi’s home, designing our name board for the dabha . We came up with the name “Lakki da dabha” as in Lucky the dabha and hung some green chillies knitted together with lemon over the length of the board. The design was done and the main project of cooking was to happen the following day. Our menu was mooli paratha, dal makhini, salad, spicy butter milk and masala chai. I took over the preparation of dal makhini and could not wait until late noon to be done with it. I was ready for the show and so was my team. Talking about my hub and rajesh, they preferred their dish piping hot and so they had to give up on the sport activity and slog their butt out in the the kitchen at that time (Men , I tell you!!!).
Sports started at around 3 PM and kids were out of control. I liked the tricycle race for the 2 to 3 year old the best of all. It was hilarious to see these kids who have just begun to experiment with their cycle pushing their way forward by thrusting the cycle with their legs on the ground. Well! The sports seemed never ending and the stall owners lost patience and started putting up their stalls even before the sports was over. The camel in the campus seemed to draw the kids attention and the finalists of the sports event preferred being on top of the camel rather than participating in the final race. It was chaos!!
Meanwhile my team mates had already begun to set up our stall while I gave up on coordinating the sports and ran to my next project. The turban and mustache was in place and we were all set to begin business. It was late evening, we had a total of 16 stalls. People poured in and the fun began. Initially the fun fare stalls had people crowded in front of ‘em and slowly they began to creep into the food stalls while it was our turn to rock. This is my second business venture and we did amazingly well by profiting as compared to my hubby who priced his plate way too low and ended up getting sold out first only to suffer a loss. Well! he called it charity of chicken legs to slumdogs hehehe!!!!
I will try to put up some pics of the event later .

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Laughing practice err music practice

Well! It took a while to get on to this mode and 4 giggly ladies trying to practice music looking at each other is chaos. To begin with we decide the place and time. All of us arrive promptly and warm up ourselves by mocking each other’s style of singing. While one of ‘em cannot sing without spinning the upper part of the body, the other gets so wrapped up in the music that M.S Subbalakshmi must re-learn the swaras from her. Well! I am a special case as my voice shudder particularly when the tutor stares directly at me giving an impression that I am in the wrong place (I don’t care) while the good friend of mine is very stingy when it comes to using her tone. It may seem like she is just moving her lips while the rest of us are singing. Incidentally I have requested my spinning friend to help me out in grinding the soaked pulses in case of power shutdown. Coming to our practice, we finally get on to it. Half way through it, one of us manage to sing off-beat while the imperfect others correct the de-falter while the onlooker who is one of our friend’s mother watches us sing with admiration. At this stage, we have practiced enough to fool an innocent onlooker

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Visit to the theatre

After having exhausted the Saturday with dance and music classes, we usually prefer lazing around the rest of the day warming the couch owing to the chill climate. However when Ajith suggested on watching the latest Hindi movie hit Ghajini, I leaped to the offer considering the fact that we haven’t been to a theatre for the past two years. Watching a movie with kids is a nightmare if they are up, so timing it is vital. 2nd show is most ideal in such case and we opted for it. Moreover the movie reviews were controversial with massive violence and I didn’t want Adi to watch it. I could have avoided the movie, but the Aamir factor in it was too attractive and his movies have always been promising. So with the hope of Adi falling asleep, we set off to the theatre after dinner. Thankfully the crowd was fewer and that gave us a choice of opting for our seats. We settled for the rear seats and raised the handle between two seats, so Adi could sleep. Atul was snoozing but Adi was all exited with the loud surround sounds in the theatre and it seemed like our plan wasn’t going to work. The movie started and Ajith got busy blocking Adi’s eyes, at every instant of violence. To summarize the movie is not a tender, feel good kind of movie but those who were tired of watching too much love and righteousness in “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” can go to watch Ghajini for a change. We returned home at 1.30 AM and hit the bed right away.
P.S : That Night I dreamt of Aamir beating up Kasab for holding me hostage in Taj ..hehe

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Getting a cheque on the day before New Year is an exciting beginning and I hope it rains cheques this year hehe. On the celebration front, I would be modest if I said it was good. IT was a BLAST. Our apartment was decorated with lights, Santa gave away gifts to children, kids rocked their dance , the naughty adult games was a highlight, the yum dinner and the free flow dance late into the night. Let me elaborate events of interest. The adult game where the couple had to dance on a sheet of paper that had to be folded after each round upto a point where the paper can occupy only a toe. The final situation is not a suspense. The wives end up on the hubby’s back or front depending on their most comfortable position. The audience had fun watching the kangaroos and monkeys in position ;). Not to mention the bulky partners carried by slim partners. Hope these hubbies are on foot after that day.
The next was an apple dance where the couples are expected to support the apple between their foreheads and dance. I and Ajith were out in the first round. Thanks to Ajith’s Full Form condition. He didn’t realize that he was splitting my head with the apple and stamping my feet simultaneously. Since the celebration was a community affair, we didn’t have drinks as an entry but the men disappeared in batches amid the show only to return with shaky legs and perplexed look which helped them lose inhibition when it came to free flow dance.
Finally we rocked to the tunes of the latest bollywood numbers on the dance floor. I leave you all with some pics. Have a great year ahead.