Friday, March 28, 2008

The dog is biting me!!!!!

Yesterday one of my friends came home to invite us for her daughter’s second birthday. As soon as her daughter entered our home, she spotted a toy dog and right away said, ” the dog is bitiiing me” with a fearful look on her face. I picked her up and told her that it has been quiet a while since I saw her followed by the following questions
Me=How are you?
Sirisha=The dog is biting me.
Me=Does it pain?
Sirisha=The dog is biting me.
I saw a doll close to the dog
Me=Will the dog bite the doll?
Sirisha= The dog is biting me.
By now her mom was losing patience and wanted to change the topic.
Mom= where is dada?
Sirisha=Gone, the dog is biting the doll.
I wanted to aid her mom
Me=where is grandpa?
Sirisha=In the room, the dog is biting me.
Finally I put the dog away in the closet
Me=The dog is gone so now you can relax.
Sirisha =(looking at her mom), now lets go home!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Track

Everyday I get up with a hope that some miracle may take place and Atul’s seizures may end. But when I see him do it again, I get that sinking feeling in my heart. After each episode, I see him snap out of it and smile –that million dollar smile. Today has been one of those days and I have kept this track handy for me to keep going.

There’s a place
A place that I go
Where I curl in a ball on the floor
And no one can know
And the fear
Wells up inside
I’m just falling again
Feel I’m falling again
And you make me brave
Then you make me brave
When the dark
And all of the doubt
Crowds in around me
And blocks the world out
And then I
I see you smile
And I’m flying again
Yes I’m flying again
‘Cos you make me brave
Yes, you make me brave
What’s to come?
No one can know
But I fear for the future
And what it may hold
Take my hand
Take it today
Let’s not live in the past
Let’s not hide in the past
Today, today
Live for today
Live for today

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Proud Mother - ME

I am certain most of you would chuckle thinking about convocation for Upper Kindergarten students “Imagine the little ones in black gowns with the funny black hat”.
Actually they looked cute.Well! It was Aditya’s convocation few days back and he has absolutely made me proud by narrating the long speech about his three-year experience in school, which I never considered he could. We were invited to watch the event and I was eagerly waiting for the day. It was a beautiful evening and the school premises were decked formally for the event. Lots of parents were already seated when we arrived and I was wishing that my little one Atul would co-operate throughout the event, and luckily he did. I had spent the afternoon worrying about how Adi would perform. The chief guest arrived on time for a change and the event commenced. First was a welcome song during which the kids holding torches paraded to the center stage where plenty chairs were arranged for the kids to be seated. As soon as the 200 kids settled down in their respective chairs the teacher was prepared to call the 5 kids geared up to deliver speech which included my son. These kids were standing near a corner and my heart missed a beat when Adi’s name was called first. I saw my little boy walk boldly to the center stage . I thought he would be nervous but he appeared cool and he patiently waited for the mike to be installed. It was painfully calm for a while. Then he began. THREE minutes non-stop was like eternity to me and his voice was clear and crisp. My little darling had delivered his speech in the most charismatic manner ever. I guess this would be he most unforgettable moment in my life.

For those who want to see what I mean, check out Adi’s speech.