Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kaun Banega Rakhi Pati Skit ….

…was a huge hit here in our apartment!
Last week was packed for me. Onam(The harvest festival in Kerala) was long over but celebrations in our apartment was pending. As usual we were ready with our standard set of dance and songs, but unexpectedly we planned a skit in the last moment. Without my mom, I couldn’t have managed it. She was here taking care of Atul while I and Ajith were out there practicing our roles. With three days to go and a vague script in hand, we decided to plunge into it.
The theme was Kaun Banega Rakhi Ka Pathi and lugging willing people for the characters was a tough task. The title gives away the theme and an explanation may not be necessary to understand the subject. Dinesh and Rajesh were the brain behind it. They came up with the background numbers to be played while each character made his entry to impress Rakhi. Rajesh played the character of MGR, Dinesh as The Malayalam super star Mohanlal, Saji as Old time Malayali super star Jayan, Sharath as Madhu (the dramatic star of Malayalam cinema), Venkat as Rajanikanth, Dinesh as Mamooty, Ajith as Rahki Sawant /Chaandpottu, Me as Punchiri das(Renjini Haridas-the anchor of Idea star singer), Rekha as Usha Utup, Anjana as Rimy Tommy(Singer in Kerala) and Mohan as M G Sree Kumar(singer in Kerala).
On the big day (I should mention that it was of course a big day for us as it’s been years since all of us attempted a skit and few of us were debu-s) all of ‘em performed exceptionally well. That would be understatement. Their make up and costume complimented their act respectively and the dialogues they chose to say was absolutely humorous. I personally liked Rakhi’s, MGR, Usha Utup and Jayan’s costume. We had fun during all the practice sessions and our efforts were worth it.
I was the anchor of the skit and tried to do justice to my role by trying to be a Malayali who talks more in English. The little bit of Malayalam that did pop out occasionally is spoken with an English accent. It came in naturally for me as my Malayalam is a wee bit akin to that considering that I am born and bought up in Bangalore. After the show all of ‘em were bursting praises for Ajith. Looks like he stole the show with his sexy numbers!!
The kids did an awesome performance themselves and I guess this is the best Onam celebration so far in CG.
Enjoy the video of the skit...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am rather confused…

…when people ask me if I believe in God. I am uncertain of my stand on this matter.
Am I religious and my answer is “no, not hard core religious” which means that there are times I question the very existence of this superior force. Would that mean I am an atheist and it’s again a “No, as I am not too sure about the conviction of atheism” which means I do pray when I am confused . That would land me in a skeptic scale as I am trying to find my answers yet. Until now I haven’t found a person who could completely justify their belief or non- belief in God and this issue is here to muddle me for the rest of my life. Wish I could get an answer for a fact!!!