Thursday, April 16, 2015

A New Career

It’s been a year since Ajith retired from his full-time job and since then, I have been a bit more relaxed at home - A major share of my workload has now been taken over by him and that resulted in some free time. I didn't want to waste my precious time watching TV or doing nothing in particular. So, I decided to learn something new or take up a part time job. The latter would mean doing simple, boring jobs which may not excite me. I began to ponder over a skill that I would love to excel. That is when writing struck me.

Since I have been blogging for a while – to be precise 8 years – and technology has always been my passion, hubby suggested technical writing as an ideal niche for me. On hearing this, the first positive thought that came to my mind was that my educational background would definitely add some advantage here if I chose this profession.

All excited, I wasted no time and started researching on institutes in Bangalore that offered a certification course in Technical writing and finalized one pretty quickly. I got enrolled in early January and started my course in the middle of the same month. Now, two and half months on, I have not only completed the course but also managed to land up in a job! Yes, it was like a dream come true after a long gap since my last job; that too in a totally different industry and job profile. I joined my employer on 2nd April having got the offer the previous day. I shall provide the details pretty soon.

Well! I am excited but nervous. It’s been long since I worked in a corporate environment and I have to start fresh! I have had over three years’ of work experience in my own domain (Instrumentation) but that doesn't count for my new job. Work experience in the Aerospace industry also doesn't give me an edge. So here I am, feeling like a 22 year old fresher, going through an induction process at the moment while getting familiarized with new tools, technologies and application functionalities. Will provide you more updates soon.


Rajashree Chivakula said...

Excellent ! So proud of you ! Don't worry about anything, you'll succeed wherever you go and whatever you do !!