Thursday, July 5, 2007

A day in Atul’s life

I woke up just about 7.30 A.M and am behind schedule as usual. Atul was fast asleep and I gaze at that angel. He is such a darling when he is sound asleep. I have a heavy head as Atul kept me busy last night as usual .He was trying his best to amuse me until 3 A.M by creating all kind of sounds and if that din’t work, he squeals at the top of his voice making sure that everyone else in the apartment is entertained as well. I felt like am going to pass out if he doesn’t stop his antics either in the form of howling or turning over and landing precisely on my face. I tried my best to put him to sleep by patting him on his back but in vain. Today I was supposed to wake up early and get everything in order by 10 A.M, so I wont be late for his speech therapy. Yes! atul is hard of hearing and subsequent to all the tests one can do under he sun, he has been detected with a hearing loss. When he was born, we thought we have landed in Paris just like the others. But, the plane took a sharp turn to ITALY instead and we are one in 1000 who have landed there. But hey, ITALY is a wonderful place. Yes, it was grief initially, denial next and now acceptance. He must be god’s gift to us since god knows that he can’t have better parents than us. He is 9 months now and after the initial hiccup, I have been trying my best to get into routine of taking him for therapies. The doc says, we are fortunate to have detected it this early, since we can get him into mainstream as early as likely. As the tale continues, I expected the driver to turn up at 10 A.M and I run down anxiously to see if he has arrived. This is the fifth time am doing that and he arrives at 10.30 A.M and I quickly pop up the usual question*why are you late* like am expecting a genuine reply. He tries to come up with a flawlessly unconvincing answer, and I have no time to pay attention to that and asked him to hurry up. I was already late . I quickly ran back to pick atul and to make things worse, he is in his best mood (squealing for more milk).”No time for that baby” we have to hurry, and this guy paces off only to reach half an hour late. The therapist has been waiting and this time am at the receiving end and I give her an equally unconvincing answer .She stares at me like she heard the dumbest excuse in the world and says “come on follow me”. I run behind her like a lamb and she takes me into this small toilet oop’s room(the size of a toilet!) Quickly I put the hearing aids in atul’s little ears and THE END. Hey begins to howl since he hates it! The therapy is OVER.