Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Celestial Greens

Our trip to kerala last week was invigorating and I am still in the hangover. The greenery has never failed to rejuvenate my senses subsequent to each yearly visit. Back in my childhood days, I remember the way I waited eagerly for the onset of summer which would mean that, we are due for our vacation to my parent’s native –the god’s own country. Previously I was under the notion that their native was the best place, I visited. But subsequent to my matrimony, my hubby’s place seems to be the better than the best. Ofcourse there have been times when the snakes have scared the shit out of me. Trust me! To think of it, that was also amusing.
Following each visit, I feel sad for the community who have lived in cities most of their lives. Lucky are the ones who are born and brought up in the midst of the greenery, which is rapidly perishing. I guess my next wish would be, to have my rebirth (if there is something like that) in kerala. Am completely in love with that place.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Adi's adventures

Its summer and adi’s adventures have begun.
Day 6–he swallowed a marble and don’t ask me how I got it out the subsequent day.
Day 9 -he tongue cleaned using his dad’s shaving blade
Day 12 – slipped into the swimming pool, and got out by himself.
My heart is still beating. Hope I wont die of a heart attack by the end of this summer