Friday, March 30, 2007

Unhealthy Comparison - the key to gloom.

Is it human tendency to compare? Although we know that it is damaging to compare, there have been instances when our psyche naturally tunes to the behavior. Sometimes it can be motivating but most of the time it is distressing. It’s usually observed in parents. This can be very risky for the healthy upbringing of the kids. We tend to lose focus in order to achieve short-term aspirations, which are stemmed out of comparison. Some people have this natural inclination towards boasting. How does this affect the one who is at the receiving end? Doesn’t it require some disciplining of mind, to avoid getting into the rat race or is it better to avoid people who are constantly trying to nag others with their show. Well, I am not sure how to deal with this. My take would be to avoid this breed, which may not be feasible at all times. The least we could do is to imagine some cotton plugged into our ears when we see the being approaching with something new to intimidate us with.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Greatest fear

What is the greatest fear in human life? The greed to become somebody and the dread of becoming nobody. I read this in a book and consent to this. To think of it, the majority part of one’s life is washed-out thinking of what else one can accomplish. It’s mostly materialistic. Not that I am against progress but that it’s never ending. People get married bcuz of the fear of loneliness in their old age. Children are beared out of fear too- Life insurance ! Not that I am any diverse though I desperately want to be .In the rat race we are not enjoying the present! The book says life is beautiful bcuz we don’t know the future. Suspense is what makes life interesting .For example, dating is better than marriage . Now don’t mistake me! Am married . This is bcuz we don’t take our partner for granted while dating. Matrimony transforms it all-the partner is taken for granted and hence the constant cribbing over “things were rosy before marriage and now you don’t care”? Am sure most of us agree on this .So why don’t we treat our partner’s the same way like we know them for the first time, consistently? Find beauty in everything whether it be a buffalo or Aishwarya rai-treat both of them alike -key to being happy and living life every moment to the fullest…this is incomplete and I need adequate life experience to finish this………..

Monday, March 19, 2007

It was burning.

Today I prepared chilly chicken and the formula said 15 chilies for a kg chicken and the chilies I procured yesterday were dreadfully hot. Typically my hubby finished his lunch stating “It’s been quiet long since I visited home (his mom) “. I ended up rationalizing by licking my plate, despite the fact that my tongue was on fire. My 5 year old was scrutinizing our exchange of words, when he came up to me and said “Accept defeat sportively” .My jaw threw open and I asked him as to where he picked that. He told me that it was the moral of the story “fox and the grapes” narrated by his teacher at school. Well! I could not hide my amusement. The point is that cooking is a game. Occasionally I get lucky but most of the other times I lose. However each time I lose does not imply that my hub has to take a plane home. The reality is that I have this bizarre tendency of trying out new recipes every alternate day .To some men this may sound electrifying. Trust me! My hubby used to feel no different but not anymore. To abridge I can call myself jack of all and master of none.

I believe its time I stick to few recipes and master them before I uproot.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Veiled Feelings

Couple of days back my maid lost her husband. God! What a proclamation! It was so easy to inscribe that. She is back to work after a gap of 10 days. She looks traumatized and I am not able to face her. Worst of all I don’t even know how to console her. I am bad at reassuring, the ones who have lost their near and dear ones. Kill me! I hate myself for that. She appears so mechanical, and tries her best to avoid me bcuz she is aware that am doing the same. I am not sure what to do either. She has been working here for the last three years and all I could utter was “don’t worry, we are here for you”. A thought runs through my mind- Hey what do I mean by saying “we are here for you”. I can aid her financially but am not sure about that 10 years from now. Come on! not 10, maybe 2???? Cuz, I can’t foretell about what is going to occur the next sec, forget 10 years. But nothing can ever replace the emptiness in her life. All these years, there was not a single day that has gone by without her mentioning about her husband. Although I have never seen him, I had this mental image about him and the depiction she gave me was a decent one, disparate most other cases. The loss must have been beyond belief and the grief may be heartache.

Time is the best healer and at present I want time to fly. A woman gets stronger only when she is forsaken. I pray to god! That he gives her courage to face life positively and go on. She has a 7-year-old son to take care of??????????

Monday, March 12, 2007



Assertive-I adore this word cuz every so often this is what I desperately crave to be and cannot be when I need to be. I cannot speculate how far it can get us, cuz it can be lethal damage at times but gives us an colossal sense of relief .I think everyone would consent with this esp for folks who are out there facing the harsh humankind (on their job). Perhaps the worst thing that would transpire would be “you are fired” but what the heck, the sense of satisfaction that follows would be our compensation. It’s better than being there in agony! Come on lets go get a life.

Well! Am wondering, “Why the hell am I writing about this.” This morning one of my pals came up to me and said something bizarre (something which I don’t like to divulge here). I should have spoken my mind but instead, blurted all the opposites. Isn’t that being an oxymoron .Why am I being so diplomatic here when I should have been assertive? I thing being diplomatic helps at times but am I not deceitful on my mind and her? Guess that was the only option! Guys she is a sensitive wreck so now you know why I was being suave.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Women's Day

Today is our day eh! Did I perceive it right? I think I did. Am I going to indulge myself? Can’t decide on that since choice is driven by circumstance particularly after you embark on parenting. Talking about women’s day, I wonder how one should spend the day nevertheless. If you belong to the crowd of “yet to be hooked on to the nuptial knot” then you are free to party your way. Yet another gang of women “devoid of responsibilities” can be young or old can also celebrate it in style. That leaves a set of wedged women who simply cannot care if it is a man ‘s day or a woman’s day but go around doing their obligation like any other day.
The point is, who cares as long as women are treated with awe, deference and love. Everyday will be a women’s day. Heavenly paradise.


I can’t be biased about my 2nd one so I have to write something about my first beloved. Am at loss of words for him bcoz I feel like I have missed scripting lots of valued moments, which I should have penned down earlier. Guys! Why dint I think of blogging then! !

To begin the story or to make a long story short, Long Long ago (I mean 5 years back) , all hell broke loose ,ADI was born. That tiny little thing is now a 5-year-old rogue.My day starts with a sugary good morning from him and ends with an even syrupy goodnight. Don’t ask me what happens between A.M and P.M. Its an unsolved mystery. Sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter. Did I tell you he has a cluster of friends err monkeys who keep him on his toes from the minute he is back from school. The other day he said that he dint love me anymore cuz he got this new chic in the block who dared take away my stand .Now she is my competeter!!!! Am gonna amend that shortly.

He has no time for food water and rest. All in all he is a NON STOP babbling fidgety machine.

My life would have been so deficient and mechanical without this little darling devil


My first blog, my second son and my favorite topic at that ….

Lying on the operation table, with half my body anesthetized, all I could think of was to yell and run out of the theatre. My hands were shuddering and the nurse was asking me if am cold .The doc appeared calm and cool while performing the operation. She was busy bitching about some junior docs and that was getting on to my nerves. I was not geared up to see the baby’s face yet and lo she says another boy, lifts him and I get a glimse of him from the other side of the curtain. Boy o boy he was tiny, red, bloody cute but the fatigue was getting the better of me and all I wanted her to do was stich me up in a jiffy since I had this bizarre notion that I may endure a hemorrhage . Sometimes docs are so insensitive, they treat patients like DOGS. Not to censure them, they must be handling a zillion ‘C’ cases in a year.

All that I care 5 months later is that I can boast of having the most adorable, cute, sweet, charming young man in my life. Welcome to my life ATUL