Thursday, March 8, 2007

Women's Day

Today is our day eh! Did I perceive it right? I think I did. Am I going to indulge myself? Can’t decide on that since choice is driven by circumstance particularly after you embark on parenting. Talking about women’s day, I wonder how one should spend the day nevertheless. If you belong to the crowd of “yet to be hooked on to the nuptial knot” then you are free to party your way. Yet another gang of women “devoid of responsibilities” can be young or old can also celebrate it in style. That leaves a set of wedged women who simply cannot care if it is a man ‘s day or a woman’s day but go around doing their obligation like any other day.
The point is, who cares as long as women are treated with awe, deference and love. Everyday will be a women’s day. Heavenly paradise.