Monday, June 29, 2009

Each d.a.y

as the van approaches , it brings in a new tale and every afternoon while I wait for Adi to get back from school, I can expect a new saga in the form of complaints, praise, anger, fights etc. It comes in a surprise package. As the van stops al that you need to do is, look at the expression on the girls faces (girls I specify as they have a tendency to complain) and you know what’s coming. If it’s a smile, peace assured. If it’s a frown, your journey to hell begins as they won’t stop until we have parted ways. As the rats shove each other out of the van, with it comes a shrill in the form of complaint aimed at the respective mom whose son or daughter got into trouble. In Chorus “AUNTY he licked the window of the van, dirty boy, we are not going to be his friend”. “Aunty, he punched me, as I punched him, but he did it first”. “Aunty he pulled my hair and so I kicked him on his bum!!” Sometimes, it can be a gang against one which is when the victim gets helpless. The situation gets out of control as you watch a little rabbit crying for help as he or she gets out of the van! You can only pray it’s not your son’s or daughter’s turn that day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crabby mood

“All things cannot be done to perfection always” is something I keep reminding myself about time and again, especially when I have tested Adi’s patience for my time. “No, later “is the standard phrase I use when he needs some attention. The mean me is worse when I am not in the best of my health. A minor belly pain or back ache can bring out the worst in me and poor little guy bears it with a frown on his face. All I get to do is whine about it when he is asleep thinking of the fact that it didn’t take much to give him what he needed (could be as simple as a paper to draw)
My nights are worse when Adi hurls his leg on my chest. I wake up with a startle and run to the couch in a flash, to catch up on my lost sleep. But I have trouble getting back to sleep once I am up and some days it’s hard and I lose it by getting grumpy in the morning. I get this crazy idea of waking up everybody by screaming into their ears. Yesterday was one of those days.

The other day I was talking to my friend who had been bearing a stiff neck for weeks.
I realized the number of things that can get affected in daily life as a result of these minor irritations. She could not manage to take a look at something by her side, so imagine supervising two kids with a stiff neck. She must have certainly lost her cool several times in a day. We ladies never give priority to our own health!!!

”Health is wealth” hit back at me when I fell ill couple of months back. Everything at home came to a full stop and the realization that no-one can take our place when it comes to multitasking smacked me like boom. Now, I can do anything for the sake of good health, so long as I am feeling well and have a good night's sleep.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Adi says

All human beings are thieves. Ask me why ?
Because we steal food from plants.

Summer holidays have ended and Adi is back to school. I was surprised when his teacher dived straight into lessons before warm up on the very first day. The Lesson being Plants in his science subject had his crooked mind rubbing the wrong side. He said ”Mama, some plants store food in stem and and some others in root”. We eat them without their permission and they have feelings too just like other living things”. So we are thieves!!!!
Thanks to all the cartoon series on TV which shows many talking plants and animals?

Me : Ummmm errrrrr well! We take trouble growing them and so we can eat ‘em.
Him: You never grew any plant and you ate ‘em. You are the biggest thief!!!
My sister : It’s the law of nature!!!