Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Adi says

All human beings are thieves. Ask me why ?
Because we steal food from plants.

Summer holidays have ended and Adi is back to school. I was surprised when his teacher dived straight into lessons before warm up on the very first day. The Lesson being Plants in his science subject had his crooked mind rubbing the wrong side. He said ”Mama, some plants store food in stem and and some others in root”. We eat them without their permission and they have feelings too just like other living things”. So we are thieves!!!!
Thanks to all the cartoon series on TV which shows many talking plants and animals?

Me : Ummmm errrrrr well! We take trouble growing them and so we can eat ‘em.
Him: You never grew any plant and you ate ‘em. You are the biggest thief!!!
My sister : It’s the law of nature!!!