Thursday, May 28, 2009

My new found love affair...

... with swimming is here to stay with me for as long as I don't hibernate …errr…or until it begins to rain .All thanks to Shilpa for initiating the interest in me last summer. It came as a surprise when I could float within a day and use my hands the very next day which in- fact developed an uncertainty if I was doing it right which prompted me to join a swimming session. I was lucky as the residents of the building had arranged a swimming master to come and teach every evening and the saying “when the heart deeply desires something, the universe conspires to place it within your reach! When I joined the session, I realized, having the right mindset was a key to learn the art which is to be relaxed and never to panic. Half the problem is solved with the right mental attitude and the other half of unstressed swimming comes with a few tips and tricks.
It’s a pleasure to take a dip every night especially when you are out to make it a habit to healthy life. I have already begun to feel the difference on days I swim and the days I don’t especially in the area of stress. I must say it’s a great stress reliever, which I sooo badly need at this point of time and I am glad that I learnt to do it at the right time.


sikta said...

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