Thursday, May 21, 2009

Darling Big Boy,

I can't believe my skinny, thin, little boy is already 7 . Time flies and mama’s baby is a big boy now.Thinking back of those days when you were born, I was such a nervous wreck then. You, my first one, taught us patience, got us on our toes making us tireless, made us cheerful with your adorable smiles and naughtiness. Eventually this immature girl turned into a responsible mama who fed, kept you clean, played and had a jolly good time with you. Now we are good at it and your brother enjoys a more patient dada and mama. Thank you dear for being my guinea pig.
I consider myself blessed for having you in my life as you are something any parent could ask for. You are my cheerful, cooperative, bright, warm, adoring, energetic big boy. I love your hugs and kisses and I hope it stays even as you grow. But I also know the way you show it, will change over time and the signs of it have already begun as you don’t like me hugging you in public already . Soon you may be more impatient and you may feel like you are right and mama is wrong but sweetheart, you must remember that no matter what, mama will love you always.
Well! you do give me my bumpy moments and I feel sad and guilty when I react impulsively. Your moods do go from intense to sensitive and I am still trying to figure ways to deal with it in a more patient way. I hope you understand these emotions as you grow but right now I am happy that you delightfully forget the punishment and return to your cheerful self within a matter of minutes..
You are going to be in Std 2 seven days from now and I am glad that you are excited to go back to school after your holidays which indicate you are enjoying it. This itself is comes as a relief to me and I wish you could improve your relationship with your friends and be a little more patient while playing group games. You have grown taller and you eat better. You are more responsible and I am so proud of you when you perform on stage without fear.
I have planned a small party for you this year and I am glad that you didn’t force me for a grand party even if it’s a norm around this place. Now let me get down to wrapping the return gifts. I love you dear and here’s wishing you a Happy Birthday
Blessings and Love