Thursday, March 8, 2007


I can’t be biased about my 2nd one so I have to write something about my first beloved. Am at loss of words for him bcoz I feel like I have missed scripting lots of valued moments, which I should have penned down earlier. Guys! Why dint I think of blogging then! !

To begin the story or to make a long story short, Long Long ago (I mean 5 years back) , all hell broke loose ,ADI was born. That tiny little thing is now a 5-year-old rogue.My day starts with a sugary good morning from him and ends with an even syrupy goodnight. Don’t ask me what happens between A.M and P.M. Its an unsolved mystery. Sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter. Did I tell you he has a cluster of friends err monkeys who keep him on his toes from the minute he is back from school. The other day he said that he dint love me anymore cuz he got this new chic in the block who dared take away my stand .Now she is my competeter!!!! Am gonna amend that shortly.

He has no time for food water and rest. All in all he is a NON STOP babbling fidgety machine.

My life would have been so deficient and mechanical without this little darling devil