Monday, March 19, 2007

It was burning.

Today I prepared chilly chicken and the formula said 15 chilies for a kg chicken and the chilies I procured yesterday were dreadfully hot. Typically my hubby finished his lunch stating “It’s been quiet long since I visited home (his mom) “. I ended up rationalizing by licking my plate, despite the fact that my tongue was on fire. My 5 year old was scrutinizing our exchange of words, when he came up to me and said “Accept defeat sportively” .My jaw threw open and I asked him as to where he picked that. He told me that it was the moral of the story “fox and the grapes” narrated by his teacher at school. Well! I could not hide my amusement. The point is that cooking is a game. Occasionally I get lucky but most of the other times I lose. However each time I lose does not imply that my hub has to take a plane home. The reality is that I have this bizarre tendency of trying out new recipes every alternate day .To some men this may sound electrifying. Trust me! My hubby used to feel no different but not anymore. To abridge I can call myself jack of all and master of none.

I believe its time I stick to few recipes and master them before I uproot.


Divya said...

Really enjoyed your postings.Im currently writing an article on the influence of cartoons on children. So that mention about Adi's one liner gives me some meaty moss for that!:-) Carry on with your postings.I think you have a real good talent to write with an underlying tone of humour and sarcasm. Overall makes enjoyable reading

Ajith said...

It was really burning as I was at the receiving end :)