Thursday, March 8, 2007


My first blog, my second son and my favorite topic at that ….

Lying on the operation table, with half my body anesthetized, all I could think of was to yell and run out of the theatre. My hands were shuddering and the nurse was asking me if am cold .The doc appeared calm and cool while performing the operation. She was busy bitching about some junior docs and that was getting on to my nerves. I was not geared up to see the baby’s face yet and lo she says another boy, lifts him and I get a glimse of him from the other side of the curtain. Boy o boy he was tiny, red, bloody cute but the fatigue was getting the better of me and all I wanted her to do was stich me up in a jiffy since I had this bizarre notion that I may endure a hemorrhage . Sometimes docs are so insensitive, they treat patients like DOGS. Not to censure them, they must be handling a zillion ‘C’ cases in a year.

All that I care 5 months later is that I can boast of having the most adorable, cute, sweet, charming young man in my life. Welcome to my life ATUL