Thursday, March 13, 2014


Is anyone still following my blog? If so I am blessed. It’s been two years since I last updated. Life has been treating me well. Thank God for that! Adi will be a 7th grader soon and Atul a 7 year old special baby :).
Time flies!  Atul's smiles and coos keep me going. Atul's hands and legs are still soft and baby like and I will never miss having a baby for life. Our very own eternal one!

Update on Atul’s health
He still seizes around 30 times a day. Our tough little fighter! Seizes and smiles like nothing occurred. The only time he shows disappointment and howls is when his milk or food is delayed. He is feather light and can be carried around, gurgles like a 6 month old baby and this trait makes me feel like a mother to a new born. I  can't stop referring to him as baby when friends enquire and I wonder how they feel about it.  His schedule has kept me busy till today and I have not outgrown the fresh mother on the block mode.

There is a significant update that I would like to share. Husband has retired from his full time job and is now flexible to help me around even more. Yay! This doesn't mean that I can take advantage of his flexibility. He still needs to concentrate on his independent venture which will demand a subsequent amount of time. But the worthy point is that he can now enjoy oodles of family time while  earning from home.

Adi is in his own world where school and friends have taken precedence.  He manages to do well academically, although a big chunk of his time is spent in extracurricular activities.


Rajashree Chivakula said...

Yes still following your blog & happy that we can keep in touch this way. Kudos to your parenting & hugs to little Atul !