Sunday, March 6, 2011

Harmony Finally!

At the moment ,  I feel a sense of tranquillity. There were plenty tasks pending over a past few months and they have all been sorted out successively.

Primarily, I bid farewell to our old home on Saturday. It’s been quiet a journey from preparing it for sale,  to customers visiting every weekend to have a peek at it.  The sentiment was similar to marrying off your daughter and the related anxiety.In our case we were already quiet apprehensive after the last incident where the party backed out after the initial agreement. Read here to know more about that incident. Thank God! Things were smooth this time. Also I would like to pat our own back for having managed to sell it at the price we estimated.

Next was a kitty party which I kept putting off on an excuse that I would like to host it in my new home. It’s been an year since few  ladies from our apartment socialized by organizing kitty parties. Each one of us were supposed to take turns in hosting it . Initially we decided to treat everyone with a snack and drink but as the kitties progressed, the  food spread kept getting elaborate. It reached a phase where full fledged lunch consisting of the host’s regional speciality was being offered. As months passed by, pressure kept building. Realisation dawned late that I shouldn't have put it off this long and finally I had no place to hide. After having shamelessly enjoyed all the parties it was time for my show and I dialled the hot line. MY MOM came to my rescue and she wove her magic to save my face. Together we blanched,  boiled,  grounded,  fried, stewed, simmered and  pressure cooked with the steam coming off the cooker and my head only to lay a very fine Kerala meal with the goodness of coconut oil and grated coconut!!!!! The guests licked their fingers off and today I am a content Lady with my kitty amount safely hidden in a place where hubby can’t reach, else he may flick that to pay his car cleaner!!!


Bindu Sunil said...

Would love to know how u spend that money?? hope it's not more tops and t-shirts this time.

Pratima Dhongre said...

First time on your blog.I do kitty parties too and the good thing about it is the variety of food you get to eat.It's defnitely a pain when it's our turn to host but it's a pleasure to watch couple of happy faces after they have enjoyed our party :)

Anusia said...

story of every women.Felt good after reading the post.