Friday, March 28, 2008

The dog is biting me!!!!!

Yesterday one of my friends came home to invite us for her daughter’s second birthday. As soon as her daughter entered our home, she spotted a toy dog and right away said, ” the dog is bitiiing me” with a fearful look on her face. I picked her up and told her that it has been quiet a while since I saw her followed by the following questions
Me=How are you?
Sirisha=The dog is biting me.
Me=Does it pain?
Sirisha=The dog is biting me.
I saw a doll close to the dog
Me=Will the dog bite the doll?
Sirisha= The dog is biting me.
By now her mom was losing patience and wanted to change the topic.
Mom= where is dada?
Sirisha=Gone, the dog is biting the doll.
I wanted to aid her mom
Me=where is grandpa?
Sirisha=In the room, the dog is biting me.
Finally I put the dog away in the closet
Me=The dog is gone so now you can relax.
Sirisha =(looking at her mom), now lets go home!!!!


Sumee said...

Hillarious.. :o)..

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