Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Track

Everyday I get up with a hope that some miracle may take place and Atul’s seizures may end. But when I see him do it again, I get that sinking feeling in my heart. After each episode, I see him snap out of it and smile –that million dollar smile. Today has been one of those days and I have kept this track handy for me to keep going.

There’s a place
A place that I go
Where I curl in a ball on the floor
And no one can know
And the fear
Wells up inside
I’m just falling again
Feel I’m falling again
And you make me brave
Then you make me brave
When the dark
And all of the doubt
Crowds in around me
And blocks the world out
And then I
I see you smile
And I’m flying again
Yes I’m flying again
‘Cos you make me brave
Yes, you make me brave
What’s to come?
No one can know
But I fear for the future
And what it may hold
Take my hand
Take it today
Let’s not live in the past
Let’s not hide in the past
Today, today
Live for today
Live for today


Anonymous said...

Good track

Sumee said...

Did you write the poem Viddi??? I was hoping seizures were better, left u a msg at Orkut., my heart aches for you viddi, .. I know how hard for a mom to watch helplessly.. I hope and pray to God for you guys..

Miss Stymie said...

hey sumee ..i would have been a star if i had composed that track ...i heard it somewhere , liked it and picked the lyrics.

Suchi said...

It's OK, da, just hang in there.

Thanu said...

Hey KC, It must be real rough going,...but as Suchi said,Hang in there! I am sure you were the one chosen for this special task of caring for Atul not without reason.Love you Vids, for being what you are.