Thursday, January 22, 2009

Laughing practice err music practice

Well! It took a while to get on to this mode and 4 giggly ladies trying to practice music looking at each other is chaos. To begin with we decide the place and time. All of us arrive promptly and warm up ourselves by mocking each other’s style of singing. While one of ‘em cannot sing without spinning the upper part of the body, the other gets so wrapped up in the music that M.S Subbalakshmi must re-learn the swaras from her. Well! I am a special case as my voice shudder particularly when the tutor stares directly at me giving an impression that I am in the wrong place (I don’t care) while the good friend of mine is very stingy when it comes to using her tone. It may seem like she is just moving her lips while the rest of us are singing. Incidentally I have requested my spinning friend to help me out in grinding the soaked pulses in case of power shutdown. Coming to our practice, we finally get on to it. Half way through it, one of us manage to sing off-beat while the imperfect others correct the de-falter while the onlooker who is one of our friend’s mother watches us sing with admiration. At this stage, we have practiced enough to fool an innocent onlooker


shalini said...

hahahaha.....funny gals