Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Getting a cheque on the day before New Year is an exciting beginning and I hope it rains cheques this year hehe. On the celebration front, I would be modest if I said it was good. IT was a BLAST. Our apartment was decorated with lights, Santa gave away gifts to children, kids rocked their dance , the naughty adult games was a highlight, the yum dinner and the free flow dance late into the night. Let me elaborate events of interest. The adult game where the couple had to dance on a sheet of paper that had to be folded after each round upto a point where the paper can occupy only a toe. The final situation is not a suspense. The wives end up on the hubby’s back or front depending on their most comfortable position. The audience had fun watching the kangaroos and monkeys in position ;). Not to mention the bulky partners carried by slim partners. Hope these hubbies are on foot after that day.
The next was an apple dance where the couples are expected to support the apple between their foreheads and dance. I and Ajith were out in the first round. Thanks to Ajith’s Full Form condition. He didn’t realize that he was splitting my head with the apple and stamping my feet simultaneously. Since the celebration was a community affair, we didn’t have drinks as an entry but the men disappeared in batches amid the show only to return with shaky legs and perplexed look which helped them lose inhibition when it came to free flow dance.
Finally we rocked to the tunes of the latest bollywood numbers on the dance floor. I leave you all with some pics. Have a great year ahead.


Stumped said...

The apple made him look right into ur eyes or not donno.. but very romantic pic of you both..

Miss Stymie said...

hehe...I'll keep an apple handy all the time;)