Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shopping spree

Having spent close to 6 hours at a stretch, shopping at Bangalore central all by myself for two consecutive days has been a pleasurable experience. Shopping on the second day at the same place was not insanity but inevitability for the reason that blunders need to be corrected. Half the apparels, I purchased the day before had to be exchanged. Thanks to Ajith for willing to baby-sit the kids for the whole day which gave me ample time to spend hours in the trial room without having him around to hurry me up which has been the case otherwise. This is not the first time I have been out shopping on my own, and each time I have been back with a bill that can electrify Ajith. This time I was impressed with myself for having been able to strike some good discount owing to rational shopping but that didn’t let Ajith get carried away. The bill was still a smash!! Hmmm looks like I can never please him in this matter and I am not trying anymore hehe.


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~nm said...


This is one reason why my hubby gets nervous when I ever mention about me going for shopping without him :D