Thursday, December 25, 2008

Adi’s first wishlist to Santa

Merry Christmas to all!

Adi believes that Santa exists despite my frequent effort of trying to prove that there is no such person as Santa. However he came up with his wish list yesterday which goes like this...

My Christmas List of Gifts

1. Bakugan battle brawlers-ALL (WHAT IS THIS!!!)

2. Ben ten Toy omnitrix (God I didn’t know he was this technical)

3. Power rangers toy-all (I am sick of companies that make these toys only to get our kids throw a tantrum and blackmail us into buying a tiny one for big bucks)

4. Eon Kid Wrist (He has two already)

5. Mechanic – BIG (he messed the previous one and the screws are spread around waiting to be picked)

6. Hot Wheels – Tric Trac ( The ones at home have collected dust)

7. Baby’s Feeding Bowl - 10 bowls (He was feeling guilty that he didn’t order for his little brother until now and this was what he came up with – good brother hehe)

8. Mad Origami and craft (He has 5 of ‘em - all return gifts)

9. Power Rangers toy sword ( Never even try to get this stuff close to my home after that incident of chasing some girl with this sword he got from his friend)

10. Bakugan battle brawlers shooters (Hmmm...)

11. A PET RABBIT (I like that)

Ok Santa - Do me a favour if you truly exist. Don’t visit here...


Meena said...

Hey Vidya Thank means so much!!! Meery christmas n a gr8 new year to you n familyy too!!!

Stumped said...

Pretty funny Viddi.. Yeah, sometimes the things that they ask for scare me too.!!! hOPE you had a good one.

Suchi said...

I don't know why but just the name "Bakugan Battle Brawlers" makes me laugh! :)

It reminded me of Calvin & Hobbes...Calvin has a favourite storybook called "Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie"

And yes, I'd like some Origami books too!