Friday, December 19, 2008

Hooked On

I have been on a novel reading spree for a while now. The other day we went out for dinner to MG road and before getting into one of the restaurant, we did a wee-bit of window shopping. I stumbled upon a book store which happened to sell second –hand books and spotted one of robin cook’s novels. During my college days, I was a novel freak and a big fan of Robin cook , Sidney Sheldon, Mills and boons(in my teens ofcourse) and the likes. However after marriage, this hobby was on lowest priority and didn’t get much attention especially after kids. Looks like the visit to the book shop managed to hook me back to my favorite pastime and this time I picked Robin Cook’s Vector. Considering that I love fictions, this book managed to capture my attention for two days at a stretch. But I wish R-Cook could manage without our hero Jack Stapleton and come up with a new character next time. His fiction always revolves around Doc jack and his intuitions.
Lemme give you a jist of the novel :
The book is about a war in which there are no guns, no bullets, no cannons, no weapons that you can see. (Now don’t visualize Mahatma Gandhi and Ahimsa in this novel). In its place the weapon is the air you breathe and you drop down like a dead fly for no apparent reason at all. We are talking about biological weapons and that’s what this book is all about. Jason Papparis , a Turkish carpet dealer dies mysteriously in the hospital’s emergency room after severe bouts of coughing. None knows the reason except Dr. Jack Stapleton a medical examiner who stumbles upon it just by a hunch. It is anthrax and is being prepared by a disgruntled Russian taxi driver who is disappointed by America and wants revenge. As he was working in a Biological weapons factory in Russia, he possesses the technical know-how to make such weapons even in his rat-hole basement. Along with the People’s Aryan Army which is an occult skinhead group he plans to kill thousands of Americans by releasing the deadly agent into the ventilation system of the Jacob Javits Building which is the largest FBI headquarters outside Washington D.C.
The only one who is on their trail is Dr. Jack Stapleton and his colleague Dr. Laurie Montgomery. Apart from their daily official crisis’s and turbulence in their private life they work together tirelessly to fight this unknown enemy.

After this book I read, Sidney Sheldon’s “Tell me your Dreams”. That was a rocking novel and now I am into Robin-cook’s contagion.