Saturday, December 13, 2008

Classical Music and Me…

… don’t get along. But I seem to have caught the music fever. What the hell, I am giving it a try and that way I give myself a chance to prove me wrong What if I have an hidden talent and at this thought, I laugh my ass off . My first class has been a disaster since I didn’t understand a word of what the man was saying. It involved a lot of music literature and it took me two days of browsing to comprehend the difficult words in adi’s terms. I was a bit more relaxed in my second class and this time the greek and latin made some sense. Thanks to my home work. Infact my intention was to give Adi company and make it easier for him just in case he needs practice. However Adi seems to get restless given that he can never sit still for more than 10 minutes although he picks on the music. Now that is a problem that I need to work on. Making him sit still for an hour would be like trying to get a monkey sit still for an hour. Any suggestions would help!!!!

BTW for the pro am on sarali varisai (lesson 3)
raagam: maayamaaLava gowLa
15th mElakartha
taaLam: aadi

For the illiterates ROLFMAO!!!!!


Shalini said...

I have undergone karnatic training for almost an year but I cannot figure out the ragams if asked randomly...need adequate practice to do that.