Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Media choosing to be ignorant ….

Following a chain of politician bad booking which I consent to, Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan is just another man in the bad book of Indians since he happened to pass an insensitive statement in response to the behavior of the martyr’s father. Somehow I am not able to comply with the other Indians in this matter as I understand the language spoken by the martyr father. To those who are not aware, the fact is that the martyr’s father called the CM a dog in the first place and since media is sensationalizing only the statement of the CM who said that not even a dog would visit their place if it was not for the martyr.
The Chief Minister was stupid enough to make such a statement in a delicate situation as this but the martyr’s father calling the premier representative of a state a dog was also equally unfair regardless of the kind of situation he was in. If he was unhappy about politicians visiting his home, he could have reacted politely instead of resorting to cheap words. In this case media is assuming a lot of things without understanding or choosing to be ignorant only for gaining some media mileage, by taking advantage of the situation. We Indians tend to overdo our sentiments by getting carried away with what the media thinks without doing our homework. This being a typical situation where a martyr’s father calls CM a dog in front of a large crowd just because he didn’t approve his presence there justifies the CM’s reaction


Saji, Deepa & Arjun said...

First of all, Sandeep's father never called the CM as "dog", but only shouted those words at the bodyguards/fellow officers of the CM who were trying to restrict him from entering his own house.Forget about everything else, any human being should atleast think about the mental state of Mr.Unnikrishnan at that point in time, who had lost his 31yrs old son just 2 days back! The response from Mr.VS is nothing but arrogance and lack of basic education. Some one who is heading a state should at least have the basic knowledge of being polite in the public. All of us can feel ashamed of electing such an idiot into Kerala CM's post, either directly or indirectly.

Miss Stymie said...

Thanks for your comment but I would like to justify my post. Consider a situation where you go to someone's house along with your friend and that person does not approve of your visit and calls your friend a **** instead. Isn't that equal to you being called a **** by him?
I understand that the anguished father's excuse is his loss.But why show that only to the Kerala CM and not the Karnatake CM.
I can understand the politics played by the opposition of kerala regarding the fact that kerala CM was a bit late compared to the karnataka CM, but why should Mr unnikrishnan be bothered about that in a time like this? Why the bias??

SK said...

Mr.Unnikrishnan had only used the word "poda" againt his frustration and never used the word "d**". (I somehow missed that in my earlier comment). When Mr.VS himself had apologized to Sandeep's family in an open forum, there's no point in debating this further!..SK

Uma S said...

I wonder with what intention parents send children to join the defense forces. They have to live with the likelihood of losing them to terror.
I completely agree with your view point regarding Mr Unnikrishnan's over-reaction.It's also a question of one's ego. Every human reacts if his ego is hurt...so did the CM, by making that statement.However he has succumbed to political pressure and apologized to that insensitive statement reluctantly.
Here is the apology by CM
"“I offer my sincere apology for the grief caused to Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s family and others by my comment. My comments were grossly distorted by the media, which was part of an imperialist conspiracy.” - Achuthanandhan….

CMs need to do their job and not pay condolence visits only to get caught up in ruts like this.Its unfortunate that Indians fall prey to these political drama provoked by media who only think of their mileage.

Miss Stymie said...

Uma I agree with you 100%