Thursday, November 27, 2008

Memories flood back…

as I watch Mumbai engulf in fear while the terrorists manage to spawn another massacre after the 1993 blasts .When the famous 9/11 episode happened in the US, we were stuck in Chicago as our flight back to India which was scheduled that day got cancelled. Fortunately we were in our cousin’s home, while we watched the second airplane bring down the WTC, I stared at the TV in disbelief and horror when the WTC came collapsing down. Few weeks later we were glad to be back to the safety of our home in India but….
Right now I watch the prominent Taj hotel’s dome in Mumbai engulfed in fire and realize we are never safe anywhere. It’s all in the mind. The nightmare is not yet over.
As for some statistics

• Explosions at Taj, Trident, Oberoi Hotels and the Nariman house. As I watch flames being doused down by the firemen who are multitasking by rescuing the trapped people, I salute them with respect for risking their own lives to save others.
• Three top cops succumb to the encounter. It’s sad that these men chose to lead while they should have strategized the operation and stayed on until the end. Hope would be lost if leaders die early.
• Terrorists ran through, checking passports of trapped people to check if they were foreign nationals to take them as hostages. This is to clearly create doubts in the minds of foreign nationals by disturbing the peace in India
• More than 100 killed and 350 injured. I express deep sorrow at the loss of life in Mumbai. Terrorism chairs no value on human life or innocent core. While these innocents are being murdered, I pray to God that these people die an equally brutal death.

Terrorism is using this tool to bring down humanity and we should unite together to fight this foe regardless of religion, caste or creed. As I write this post, I watch TV helplessly as people trapped in the hotels are screaming for help...



Hello and thanks for dropping by. We will keep in touch. And god bless Mumbai .. hope the worst is over.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ms Stymie, was at Family first noticed your callsign.
Regret to read, see, know of what happened in Mumbai.
Here in Toronto where I am, there's a big population of Indians, some of whom still have relatives there.
We share their anxiety as well the peoples of India, Mumbai especially.

It is sad when the killing of innocent people is used to make for their own justifications.
You keep well, best regards, Lee.

Sweet Jasmine said...

Its such a tragedy for all those innocent lives lost including one of our fellow Malaysian..Hema Kasipllai who was later found dead in her room in Taj Mahal hotel. All we could is only pray that such terrorism will not get worse.

Miss Stymie said...

Thank you all for your comments and concerns...

@Uncle Lee...Unfortunately the terrorists targeted global citizens which included US, British and Israeli nationals along with Indians in order to achieve their motive of creating fear among the foreign nationals, if they ever think of building business relations with India.Cheap Tricks.

@Sweet jasmine...Hope all the nations stand united in fighting this menace and wish it happens soon.

jezalmy said...

It was sad to read the news on newspaper that one of the Malaysian had die of the attack. But I just can't understand why must settle thing by war or attack like this? Is it human life not valuable at all nowadays to them