Sunday, November 16, 2008

Frog Killing and the after effects

Off late Adi has been developing an interest in animal planet and discovery channel. He has been fascinated by men especially ex-Steve Irwin who catch animals and enlighten their anatomy. I am not sure how kids digest the information or what exactly limits their understanding of how far they can go. Can they go to an extent of killing an animal just to explore its anatomy? Well I have dissected four frogs in my zoology lab. His old man has killed several species in his home town including snakes and he knows his limits now. Looks like Adi has some in-born instincts which am sure will mature over the years to come and I hope Maneka Gandhi will not be intimated about it until then.

Regarding compassion towards animals, I am working on it but this doesn’t come naturally to us being the non-vegetarians we are, as we have seen and eaten anything that does not bite us back. Another fact being that Adi’s old man hails from a town where they kill and cook the animals as opposed to the fancy packets we get in supermarkets now. Can we close our eyes and talk about compassion just because we don’t see them getting killed?

The other day Deepa called me up to say that she saw Adi brutally killing a frog. He did get his share of punishment and things have been better until few days back when I saw some kids teasing him about it and not letting it go. It was clear that this was being discussed in their respective homes by adults which prompted the kids to do so. This enraged Adi and he got into fist fights with them. When someone wants a person to change for the better genuinely and if that person has been trying hard to do so, things can go wrong if they are reminded of their wrong doing time and again. So in this situation my sympathies are towards Adi and I would like my friends to co-operate by not making a big issue out of it i.e. if they really want to see some positive changes in Adi and his friends.

PS: I am not the kind who will always defend my kid’s wrong doing at the cost of other’s sentiments and most of the time it is Adi who is at the recieving end when it comes to getting punishments from me or rebuke from other moms for the silliest reasons but this really got on to me!!


Chaggoholic.... said...

Well Frog killin i hv small nephews who are so used to enjoyin a stint of frog killin using their plastic cricket bats that i know the curiosity around it. Anywhich ways i loved ur post and thnx for comin on mine....

Shalini said...

I keep wondering how non-vegetarians talk about compassion...hypocrites