Friday, November 7, 2008

33 year old!!!

Happy Birthday to Me!! I am happy to be in the thirties because of couple of reasons. I don’t have any deadlines to meet and am free. Being a housewife and mother was definitely easier than being a *working*mother and wife partly because I feel I have done justice to my family as opposed to the guilt that many working mothers feel at the end of the day for not having *enough time * for anything in their lives. Atleast I can say that I am enjoying everybit of Adi’s childhood and don’t have to regret that I missed even a minute of it though it meant catfights with him .No! I am not saying that I am right by taking this choice but that it’s been a priority issue for some while a struggle for living for others.
In my thirties and after Atul happened, I have changed a lot in the last two years in terms gaining of maturity to realize that parents get crankier as they get older ,being a bit more diplomatic in handling relationships, letting go of things that I cannot handle like the maids taking off without notice for days together (I crib a lot about it), Ajith’s money management half of which is beyond my grey matter, adi getting into trouble time and again even after repeated warning , Atul’s stubborn seizures, stopping to please everyone, no more living the way other’s would like me to as opposed to the way I want to by doing things that make me happy.
OK, let me stop my philosophy and talk about what a wonderful day I had yesterday. Thanks to Anjana and Linda for initiating it and putting it all together. We arranged a potluck with 8 of us coming up with our specialties. I must admit that I never had such an eventful birthday after my marriage with ajith with all the fun, laughter and jokes. The last was during my college years when all of us would go out and spend time in dabhas situated on the outskirts of the city. Let me thank the lovely gang I have here which never makes me miss my college life. Thank you Anjana, Linda , Bindu, Deepa, Radhika, Archana, Jaya and Seema for making my day and I hope that you guys had fun too. Thank you Adi for giving me that lovely card you made in school. Let me leave you all with some snaps.

Thanks to Deepa for positioning the camera so well with the autoclick option


Thanu said...

sweet post Vids. glad you enjoyed your day :)

Stumped said...

very nice pics of u gals.. Loved ur dress, ofcourse FOOD.!!!!

Linda said...

We in our thirtees?! Nah..sweet
16's. Thanks for allowing us to come n make all the possible noise. The food..beyond compare...any more potluck?!! I heard that our noise shook the building..we were heard upto the 'D' block entrance?!!!That broke all records!!!

deepa said...

It was truly a memorable day for us tooooooooo, vid.. Really enjoyed the day. Hope we can make this a routine atleast once a month..:))

jezalmy said...

Happy Birthday to you even is abit late here. But I wish to say thanks to drop the wish on my blog.