Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dinner at D’s Domicile

People have always been finding excuses to get home early from work and this time the excuse was a blast. Yes! Serial blasts in Bangalore have proved that the city is no longer safe and people have to be cautious which is not viable. Adi managed to shock me when he saw me panicking for not having been able to reach A on his mobile by saying ”Gone case! I guess you have to marry someone else now”!!! However the only plus of the blast being that it was a Friday and people are in a mood to party, but the rains put off outdoor partying and hence many suffice by partying at home. So, was our case when SK called A to check if we had other plans? Well! That was a promising call and A checked with SK if we could potluck.

What started off as a two family get-together ended up in a three family fun with P and Di joining in. The kids as usual had their fun by constantly drawing our attention with each one trying to outdo the other in the game of “Who is worse”. The men vanished amidst the chaos only to return with wine bottles. Laughter poured in when the six of us sat around D’s dining table draining down the wine and listening to the witty narrations of two men (SK and Di) who went to Sabarimala only to revive the experience of their bachelor days and poor ‘A’ feeling bad that he missed the chance (cursing himself for claiming to be an atheist). SK the car fanatic made the most when A hinted that he was planning for a change in passion (car). His options for us came down to a stage where we may be driven to poverty with a classy car in a slum. The other gender could not budge away from the preferred topic of “whose maid is the worst” and nobody won.

The grand finale was D scrubbing all the soiled plates in a record breaking time with a strong belief that her maid may not turn up the next day owing to her prior incidents. Nevertheless it was fun. Thanks to SK and D for hosting it, thanks to the blasts and thanks to P and Di who joined in to make it livelier! And I feel sorry for S and B for having missed it!! I am sure anonymous will be available for comments :)


SK said...

All of us had great fun. Unplanned events always end up better than planned ones in many cases.Let us do this atleast once every fortnight.What do u say? Let us rope in S&B next time. Cheers..SK

Ajith Prasad Edassery said...

A is now trying to push SK to upgrade his car :)

sk said...

Nammal maryadaykku jeevikkunnathu kandittu sahikkunnilla, alle?