Thursday, July 3, 2008

20 girls brooch for 2 guys on MTV Splitsville

"All’s fair in love and war" and Splitsville on MTV tries to prove that in the most disgusting, degrading, shameful, cheap way by getting the girls to go all the way to grab the attention of two absolutely hopeless, worthless men who are given the power to vote them out in case the ladies fail to please them. How demeaning for the ladies to do that for a prize (5 lac) that may not last even a few years considering the chunk of expense needed to up-keep themselves. Why suffer public humiliation at the cost of getting mortified.

The guys play their part by sparing no effort in humiliating these ladies at the drop of a hat. One episode was adequate to put off my day considering the fact that 5 lacs is too cheap to sell one’s self respect.

The episode that I watched

Introduction of the girl: I am xyz, My vital stats are x-x-x!!!
My sex appeal lies in my xy! I will win this 5 lakhs.

Like MTV puts it "We are going to be lucky witnesses to some unbelievable drama, treachery, sabotage, cat-fights, politics, back-stabbing, bitching and scheming. Watch the girls undergo stress, fear, exhaustion, and depression. Watch them try to outdo each other with their womanly wiles (flaunt their stuff and how!) as the two lucky guys sit back and enjoy the show."

Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhh... too much to handle. I would happily murder the ladies for this.

Actually this show is meant to find true love, but I guess they may end up finding a good politician. Reality shows in India have definitely managed to play with people’s emotions and feelings by creating unhealthy competition. The fear of getting voted out takes a toll on their personal health too. It also poses a question as to what kind of people are suited for these kind of shows. Never can an anxious person who is emotionally vulnerable participate, nor can a less intelligent person take part since he/she can find themself in a difficult situation not knowing how to deal with it.


Thanu said...

So true Viddi,...How Real are these Reality Shows, not a tough guess!

Anonymous said...

But the fact remains that the girls agreed to be part of this game. Agreed that I could not digect how the gals agreed to do this (even being a guy)

Miss Stymie said...

That's the whole point..the fact that the girls agreed to do this gets on to my nerves

Anonymous said...

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