Monday, July 14, 2008

Kids say the darnest things!

The spontaneous statements that kids innocently blurt out can be very funny sometimes. I will list a few here from what I got to hear from Adi and his friends.

To begin with Adi’s (6 year old) latest:

Arranged marriage v/s Love marriage

Adi: At what age did dad get married?
Me: 29
Adi: You?
Me: 24
Adi: So shouldn’t I be marrying at 29?
Me: Ahem! Yeah
Adi: So where is my girl now?
Me: (Getting a bit uncomfortable now) I guess she is not born yet or may be she is one or two years old. And you may never know her until you are 29. So don’t waste your time thinking about that right now.
Adi: Are you saying that I should get married to someone I don’t know. Never! I will find on my own.
Me: (Open-mouthed and suddenly thought of the perennial arranged marriage v/s love marriage topic)

Shikar rocks!

Adi’s school organizes a lot of competitions right through the year. They have an option of participating in these events. Adi’s friend Shikar (6 year old) is in the same grade and school as Adi’s. There are couple of others kids in our apt who are also from the same school and grade. Whenever there is a competition these kids ask each other if they are in or out. They got used to the word "participating"!!! Not participating became the Hip thing and one day...

Shilpa (Shikar’s mom): Stop wasting your time and study for your test which is coming up next week.
Shikar: I am not participating
Shilpa: (bolt out of the blue)

Gayatri’s super-hit dialogue when she was 5

Bindu (Gayatri’s mom): We cannot go for your haircut today as there is a bandh (general strike)
Gayatri: What is the bandh for?
Bindu: Because Dr. Rajkumar died…
Gayatri; Oh! Was he supposed to cut my hair?


Adi when he was 4...

Adi: Mamma, why did they name our apartment Gopalan Enterprises? Is it because if we enter here we get some prizes or something??

Adi has so many friends in this community that everyday I get to hear some good humor. I will come back with more of their jokes in the next edition...


SK said...

this is cool, keep going :-)

Shantha said...

thats soo cutee

vani said...

Randomly came across your blog...this post was hilarious

Anonymous said...

good one :)

Anonymous said...

This is really cute..

DS said...

This is cute. What Roshan is trying to do these days is to figure out what is marriage as he think Anil and I are married, otherwise, i can't be with him:) also he thinks people kiss each other on the lip and then call it as marriage:) So far he didn't say he wants to get married:) He wants to go to office to buy those real cool cars:) Another one is 'Are we the indians who shoots arrows?:)