Thursday, July 17, 2008


Every so often I seem to get angry with Adi for no fault of his and I yell non-stop at him though the voice inside me keeps reminding me to stop. For instant, today I saw this fat kid chasing Adi for no reason and the situation got completely out of control with the boy pushing Adi as he fell hard on the tough facade and the boy landed right on top of him with Adi’s finger getting jammed due to the impact. I could do nothing to stop the boy since he was too fast for me. My instinct was to shake the boy hard and tell him that he cannot scare others by chasing them just for the fun of it which seem to be an easy task for many when it comes to defending their own kids. But all I did was to drag Adi home and discharge my anger, helplessness and frustration on the poor soul for not being able to take care of himself. After I was done, a sense of guilt engulfed me when I realized that Adi had not uttered a single word of defense. Fault has always been mine, since I lack self control and the art of defending my son. Well! I am not here trying to prove that Adi is an effigy of politeness since he does receive more than his share of yelling for his naughtiness but most of the time I feel sad when I realize that he may have never started it in the first place but by then damage has been done. Poor Adi with a blue finger 


Deepa Saji said...

Poor adi.. I gv him a chocolate the other day, for being the "all rounder" for UKG. Our prayers and wishes to him:)

patty said...

You read my mind. I am still working at the art of being stern with other kids as well.

DS said...

You need to teach him self defense, not in the violent mode! What is appropriate I would think is if some kid bullies, just teach adi not to play with him. I mean stay away! For that to happen, you need to teach Adi to play with himself. This is not easy to implement especially with boys!