Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Headlines today or Comedy today?

I have been following Arushi’s murder mystery for a while now. Thanks to the media and numerous blogs that contribute their personal opinion about how they feel about it. The media in particular never wear out repeating the same thing over and over again, particularly channels like Headlines today , Aaj tak and Times now. The competition between channels has gotten so far that they don’t mind stooping down to any level to get publicity. For instance the interview with Arushi’s close friends was so ridiculous when all they said was that they want the mystery to be solved as quickly as possible and justice should be done to her murder. Towards the end they said “This is Tanvi and some guy(I don’t remember his name) signing off from Headlines today.”Ugggggh what a way to market the channel . It appears like Headlines today is looking for future correspondents. Not to mention the interview with Nupur talwar for HT where the interviewee sounded like he knew the Talwars are innocent owing to kind of questions he put forth. Well! one can never tell until the truth unfolds. I am certain that the media will never want the mystery to be solved and hence they actively contribute by creating more confusion.


Raghav said...

Don't mistake my name, I'm not related to those Talwars in any way!

That said, I've thought like that about news channels a lot of times!
See programs like 'Vaardat' on Aaj Tak.
It's so overdone! All the news channels want today is publicity at all costs!

These kinds of channels are making it big on television. You know why?
Maybe because there are so many lunatics who watch that kind of stuff!
People are interested more in a guy who claims to be a cannibal (or something even crazier) than in the very significant nuke deal!

What is the world coming to?

Miss Stymie said...

All they do is sensationalize it and i can't believe for a fact that Mrs Talwar was so rehearsed for the interview in a moment like this. Such a good catch for these crappy channels.

Anonymous said...

this is called excessive freedom of unnecessary speech.Media channels are spiceing up anything to everything in order to get more viewership. this is not fair speech, these are dangerous and un-necessary.


Raghav said...

@ Miss Stymie - Yes, they sensationalize it hell a lot!

Just take a look at cricket news on channels like Aaj Tak and Zee Sports.
Extremely sensationalized, they are!

I do think NDTV 24X7 still stands as a good news channel.