Sunday, May 25, 2008

Missing and lethargic

I had to inscribe the incident before I forget. Tired after adi’s birthday , I can’t help but think and laugh about this little lad who lost the return gift. He came up to me and

U= Aunty I didn’t get the return gift waaaaa…. …
Me=I am sure I gave it to you.
U=No aunty, I swear I dint get it.
Me=What is that gift-wrap in your hand.
U=Oh that! I opened the gift you gave me.
Me=Now where is the gift.
U=I don’t know.That is why am telling you that you forgot to give me the gift.
Me=Hmmm…its time for your mama to pick you up and before she arrives, you look for the gift you lost.
U=Aunty, I cant .Why don’t you just give me the one in your hand.
Me=Hmmmmm!! Hey your mama has come…go go go quick



DS said...

He is just being the perfect kid! I loved this.