Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ooty The Beauty

I am not sure why we set aside this destination when it came to planning a holiday. Goa being our preferred target, we constantly headed there when we looked-for a break. I presume Bangalore’s increasing mercury level ought to have stimulated us to set off to some place cool. To begin with, we made a few enquiries about the place and the response was negative as many of ‘em said that ooty has lost its charm. But since it has been our first time to ooty, I was delighted to see the mountain range filled with eucalyptus trees and tea plantations covered in mist. Not to mention our way to Ooty which is incredibly scenic. We took the Bangalore –Mysore- Masinagudi route and passed through the bandipur forest where we saw couple of elephants, deer and monkeys on the way. Sadly or luckily we didn’t cross our paths with a tiger since most of the forest route indicated tiger reserves. Our stay at Holiday Inn in Ooty has been very comforting. The location of the hotel is key since we were lucky to get the valley view from our bedside window, which was spectacular. The food and service was also first-class. Our intention was to relax and take a tour around the local attractions at our pace. To begin with we went for a boat ride in the late evening and it was fun. The next day we visited the tea factory and botanical garden. As our booking at holiday inn was only for 2 nights, we were reluctant to return the following day. So we extended our stay and settled in Monarch (Mithun Chackraborthy’s hotel.) for another day.The executive suite was good but food was a disaster. My taps opened the next day and we decided to return to Bangalore. I popped in some meds on our way back and the journey was uncomfortable because of my physical condition. Except for my return trip, our expedition to Ooty was absolutely fabulous.


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