Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Birthday Bash

It’s noon here and Adi is prepared to go to a birthday party at 4PM. He is all energized and sitting here dressed from past an hour. Talking about birthdays, we live in an apartment, where there are around 200 families in our complex most of whom we know. Majority are couples our age and Adi has ample friends his age. A minimum of two to three birthdays happen in a month and Adi gets to party on these days. Gifts play a vital role and depending on whether it’s a girl or a boy, sensible gifts need to be chosen. That will ensure a visit to the nearest toy store couple of times a month. Boys favorite being anything related to Ben 10, Power rangers, hot wheels etc while girls stick to Barbie, bead games, play doh etc. Parents favorite for their kids being puzzles, books, brain games etc. Note that parents are constantly working to enhance the brain potential of kids rather than providing them with toys they prefer. Getting to the celebration part, few birthdays are organized in the clubhouse of our complex, few others at fast food chains while others at the convenience of their home. Most kids prefer fast food chains to the other two considering the play options and junk food available there. Adi’s birthday is fast approaching and to my surprise my neighbor told me the other day that Adi has invited them for his b’day at pizza corner in Indiranagar. Infact I was planning to keep it simple by partying at home, inviting just a few of his close friends. Parties here have definitely influenced my son .He does not want to settle for anything less and our aim to see him happy has finally led to “Adi dictates and we follow”.

P.S: While I was writing this, Adi came to me and said that he wants to download some cool games from – The Pizza Corner virus catching up.


Sweet Jasmine said...

Hi, Vidya...nice of you to drop place...I'll add you to my blogroll too.....see you are a happy mom with 2 kids here ...Kids are a handful these days but its a joy seeing them grow up....mine are grown up already....but still needs me for their homecook meals....

Drop by anytime to see my ramblings and sometime boring life....Cheers.