Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mandira Bedi and My Hubby

Now come on dirty minds, don’t get ideas. I am talking cricket here. From a woman of substance in the mega Shanti to one of the most happening faces on television today Mandira gave a shot at anchoring cricket(male dominated game) for Set max 6 years ago. The first time Ajith saw her on his favorite channel, he stared at her like it was the most inappropriate thing happening to the channel. Infact I was also taken aback but unlike Ajith, I was a bit more liberal towards her presence initially. Some color to an otherwise unexciting channel in my outlook. But color slowly began to show skin and controversies slowly cropped up, the major one being the Indian tricolor displayed on her saree below her navel. Ajith never missed a chance to make comments when he the expert listened to her layman knowledge about cricket.
Few go like this
· Look at Charu sharma’s face when she says something dim-witted
· Is she wearing a blouse
· Nice earrings, do you want one like that. Call her and ask her to stop hosting cricket and I’ll buy you one
· When will set max realize that they have made a mistake
· Wish she knew atleast as much cricket as you knew.

By the way Mandira shot to fame for her noodle-strap blouses while presenting 'Extra Innings' on TV during the 2003 and 2007 Cricket World Cup. And she feels that more women started appreciating the game because of her.When controversies cropped up, this is how she justified herself
It was all the handiwork of people who had difficulty in accepting a woman doing well in a field that was known to be dominated by men. They just needed a reason to remove me from the scene. But again, I am not a controversial person at all. I always believe an apology works best when rest fails. It is never my intention to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. And I did just that.

What do you think about that comment Ajith.


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