Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gloomy but Content

Yesterday was Adi’s birthday and my boy is 6 year old. I am alarmed at how time flied. Memories are still fresh in my mind and they don’t seem like memories to me. The pregnancy, the way I panicked on the night when I knew he was coming, rushing to the hospital, the anxiety which led to fever and throwing out, the doc taking me in for a C-section, the anesthetist asking me if I like idlis and then then blank….few hours later, I see my hubby staring at my face and saying ”hey it’s a boy”. The minute I heard that ,I felt like running to the nursery to see my little one. As I was nudging Aju to get him, I saw a nurse coming in with a small bundle. One look at my tiny boy and I knew he is going to be a handful. From there the journey began with the delightful infant stage, the troublesome two, mischievous 3, snooping 4, spirited 5 and now the accepting 6. That was quiet an expedition and am grateful to him for keeping me busy and not letting me know how time passed. Gone are those potty days, the days when he clinged to me seeing a stranger, his babblings, his cute talk, his charming silly stories, his naughty peers, his rhymes etc. I am going to miss it badly as he acts grown-up already. He is happier in the company of his friends than with me and I guess it’s time to let go. I am sure I’ll find the coming years interesting in other ways.