Monday, May 26, 2008

Clean Up

Board games and toys have actually managed to occupy half our abode. It’s been a while since I have been thinking of clearing out the mess but somehow I managed to put it off until yesterday when I realized that our home is choking up with the fresh ones from yesterday’s party. Realization about grave space shortage dawned in my otherwise lazy head and I instigated a rapid clean up. Thankfully my maid agreed to take away a few, particularly the ones that appeared new and refused the considerably older ones giving me the same reason-“storage problems”. I can pledge that Adi has not played with these games more than once and here I am trying to clear stuffs that are 3 years old. What was I doing until now? I kept imagining that Adi may lay his hands on them sometime and that time never came. Instead he managed to get us into buying new ones whenever we visited the toy store with other intentions. Today am glad for having given away at least half the stuff to my lucky maid who has three children herself. I swear never to buy anything new for my son and I only hope not to break my resolution this time in any case. Thanks to my bribing habit.