Monday, May 5, 2008

Riches to Rags

Today’s piece of writing on paper regarding the story of rags to riches has certainly caught my eye. I was taken aback when I read the facts about hundreds of farmers who owned agricultural lands worth anything between Rs 3 crore and 30 crore in Jakkur and other neighboring villages, in the past four years have become daily wage workers. This is the result of bangalore’s fast development and it is these people who have become victims.
The farmers have been lured by the bangalore development authority with a compensation rate of about 4 lakhs an acre. In actual the market price was about 2.5 crore to 3 crore an acre. Now these landowners neither have the land nor the compensation. Setting their self-esteem aside, they have sent their daughters and wives to work as domestic help in apartments that have come up in their locality. It is very depressing that our government is taking advantage of the ignorance of poor farmers.


Anonymous said...

All in the name of development! - bengaluru-raja