Thursday, June 19, 2008


No! This incident was not covered by NDTV. My sis was the reporter and it happened near her home. Her son was playing cricket with a couple of boys, which included a 4 year old. All of a sudden an SUV emerges out of the blue and almost collides with the boy. A man leaps out of the car, grabs the boy, dumps him next to him and speeds away. All this happens within a fraction of a second and one sensible alert boy among the gang notes down the number on the number plate. A few minutes later the little boy’s grandfather comes in search of him and the bewildered gang hastily pour out their heart. The grandfather listens carefully and returns. Now all of them contemplate that the old man would have headed to the police station when suddenly the boy who noted down the number realize that he forgot to mention about it. So, the gang, along with my sis hurries to the little boy's home to provide the precious information. To their surprise, they find the grandfather reading paper and the rest of the family members busy in their own world. My sis approaches the grandmother and enquires about the boy. The grandmother happens to exchange meaningful glances with her daughter while trying to convince my sis with a suitable answer. From her conversation my sis realizes that it's the father who kidnapped the child. I am sure you guys must have guessed the cause.


ribs said...

beware of notorious better halves should be the moral of the story

aswinrulez said...

????humm...let me c...nope...couldnt figure out the reason..plz tell me