Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Clogging leading to Annoyance

One and all is aware of traffic in bangalore and I would like to cite about how worse it is in front of our apartment located on Old Madras Road. There has never been a day when hubby dear has not complained about trying to pass that road without getting stuck for at least half an hour owing to the bottleneck, which is the K.R. Puram, railway bridge. Last year the road widening work caused congestion and after completion of this, the bottleneck created much more congestion with double the number of vehicles getting stuck under the narrow passage of the bridge. While many industries have their own staff buses, hundreds of IT professionals, who work in ITPL near Whitefield, prefer to use their own vehicles because of their flexible working hours. The difficult driving conditions make their working days longer.

As The Hindu newspaper quotes it
Jurisdictional problems have made matters worse and delayed timely repairs to Old Madras Road. As far as policing goes, the Bangalore Traffic Police have authority up to K.R.Puram. The road on this stretch comes under the limits of different police stations, Ulsoor, Indiranagar, and K.R.Puram. Beyond it, the Bangalore District Police have jurisdiction till the road enters Kolar District The traffic congestion is expected to ease to some extent after the new Benniganahalli flyover is completed and the cable-stayed bridge is opened to traffic. Until then, road users have to take deviations along the narrow temporary bypasses. The road itself is partly maintained by the PWD and partly by the National Highways Authority of India. The former appears to have neglected its role.
The traffic police have tough time regulating the vehicles during peak hours, which is almost every other hour on Old Madras road. Accidents have become a norm on this road and not a single week passes without news of a person dying or getting hurt. The two wheelers feel like they have entered a death trap with the impatient truck, taxi and bus drivers trying to make their way either by running over them or tripping them for a minute advantage. Life has no meaning in their dictionary owing to the irksome traffic.


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amogh said...

bangalore is a mess. There is no scope for further development.