Thursday, June 26, 2008

Leave letter

Adi was moderately sick with cold yesterday and this is nothing new, the only exception being that I was feeling a bit laid back or plain lazy. I declared a day off for him on his pretext though he didn't wish for. Today he insisted upon writing a leave letter and since he saw me procrastinating, he settled down to write one. This was how he put it...

Dear Teacher
I was not just having a cold. I was having ear infeksion.
So I could not come to school and cobon park.
I am very sorry.
Now my face is


Awww...such a cute letter and it sure made me feel guilty. Incidentally this is his first letter to the teacher. Fortunately I was relieved to see his dairy today which said field trip is postponed to tomorrow.


patty said...

That is definitely a cute letter[:)]