Saturday, June 7, 2008

Meet the class teacher

And finally I went to meet Adi’s class teacher for the first time after school began. I joined Adi in his van along with his friends and our ride was fun err hassle filled with adi and friends busy drumming each others head followed by complaints pouring in from all sides about ruining each others hairdo. I was the targeted object for coming up with justice, which I badly failed at since I also ended up drumming everybody’s head. While that was done, we reached school and we were a bit early. We said bye to the others while Adi led me to his class. His class teacher hadn’t arrived yet, and as I entered the class few students who were already there, stood up and said good morning. Ah! Now I can play class teacher for a while I thought .I smiled and mumbled good morning while they sat and I was contemplating about what to say then.. Adi was not aware of my plans and he was leaping around while others were watching him with wonder. Just then another student came in and she stood near the door and said, ”excuse me maam”. I said “YES! GET IN”. Whoa! That was fun. A swift sense of power tickled through my body and I wanted to play a bad teacher. I started asking everybody their names and they meekly responded one by one. Another student stopped near the door and I looked at her and asked “why so late”. Her face was a mix of uncertainty and alarm. I made her stand there for a while since she was figuring out the best excuse. Just when the fun began, a smiling tall hefty lady walked in and unanimously the kids stood up and said “good morning” whilst it was my turn to be puzzled. I figured she was the class teacher and I talked to her for a while letting the kids in a “guess who I was” mode while I took leave. FUN!


philippine lotto result said...

This topic have a tendency to become boring but with your creativeness its great.

Sweet Jasmine said...

Playing school teacher eh..? I had enough of teaching...reminds me of my 5 yrs of being a school teacher...had my share of good and bad times. The best are teaching those little primary one to 3 kids...they are so lovable and innocent. My worse was those secondary students..noisy, stubborn and naughty.

Anonymous said...

sure you must have had some fun there. Hope to get a similar chance so i can play the power game too